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Telfed welcomes SASI Students

The 2017/2018 SASI Programme

They’re Southern African, they’re studying in Israel, and they’re relishing the opportunity. Thanks to the Eric and Sheila Samson Foundation, Telfed’s SASI (Southern Africans Studying in Israel) programme is entering its second year and is going from strength to strength.

Last week, Telfed hosted the annual SASI Opening Gathering for the students, who were warmly welcomed by Shely Cohen, Chair of the Endowment, Scholarship and PRAS (ESP) Committee and Batya Shmukler, Telfed Chairman. Batya, a teacher by profession, shared her convictions that “through your education, you have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with Israel and hopefully fall in love with our wonderful country. We are pleased at Telfed to be able to help to facilitate this. It is not only about getting a degree but also about experiencing what Israel has to offer.”

Dave Bloom, the Chairman of the SASI Committee, welcomed fellow committee members Sidney Shapiro and Mel Cohen, together with the students. He shared the vision of SASI being more than just a housing scholarship, but also a social umbrella for Southern Africans studying in Israel. (To kick off the year, the SASI students have been invited to a tour of Tel Aviv in January 2018, introducing them to some of the local sights, sounds and tastes of Israel).

Telfed's CEO, Dorron Kline, gave a brief overview of all the services provided by Telfed to the Southern African Jewish community in Israel.

Also in attendance were Stephanie Miller (the Head Registrar of the RRIS at IDC Herzliya) and Guy Sebastian Cohen, who works at IBM and was chosen as one of 100 most influential digital professionals of 2016. He lectured on the topic of Israel as a startup nation, a land of opportunity.

Along with the lecture and enjoying a catered meal, Simone Pikas, Telfed’s ESP Administrator briefed the students on planned activities designed to create a strong community of SASI students throughout the country.  After absorbing the support services Telfed offers, filling their tummies and enjoying getting to know each other, the students went on their way armed with gift baskets filled with ‘a taste of Israel’, assembled by SASI coordinator Re'em Sadeh.

B’hatzlacha (good luck)!

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