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Pursuing the path of construction with Israel... not destruction!

ANC 54 Conference - Picture - Thomas Holder/EWN

These are trying times when meaningful and constructive change – not outdated slogans –  is demanded by the People of South Africa.

To coin the phrase of the world’s most liberal of democracy, “We The People…”  demand of our leaders for new direction, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, and ask:

What is in the best interests of South Africa and who are our REAL friends who have the expertise and the love that can help our beautiful country and its People?”

With the ANC about to debate and vote on possibly downgrading the South African Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, Rev. Reuben ChapasukaMA.TH (UP), the Founder and President of  ‘Cape To Cairo Israel Mission’ asks: “What Would God Want?”

For him the answer is self-evident, especially when attending the Conference tonight will be two delegates from the internationally-recognised terrorist organisation HAMAS, whose Charter – unlike the ANC’s “noble freedom charter”  – calls for the destruction of Israel, hence the genocide of Jews.

On the eve of the ANC National Conference starting today in Gauteng, Rev. Chapasuka sends to the ANC Conference leadership this Open Letter “not to succumb to the BDS pressure on cutting religious ties between Christians and Israel”.

He begins his appeal: “It has come to our attention that the organization that Liberated African People from the previous regime and brought peace for a while to the African people is now planning to embark on destroying the legacy people have worked for.

We are concerned Christian leaders within the continent about the downgrading of the South African Embassy in Tel Aviv for it does not represent the interest of the people of South Africa and the Christians in the continent.”

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Aricle written Dave Kaplan for Israelink

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