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Telfed Welcomes Australian Aliyah Advisor

From left to Right: Becky Kiper-Fox, ZFA Aliyah Advisor Melbourne and Daniela Shapira, Telfed Aliyah & Klita Advisor

Becky Kiper-Fox, ZFA (Zionist Federation of Australia) Aliyah advisor in Melbourne recently visited the Telfed office in Raanana to strengthen the current working relationship. For staff members who are already working with Becky via email it was great to finally put a face to a name and for those who were not yet acquainted the introduction proved very enriching.

Telfed and the ZFA are in tune to the common goal to provide both Aliyah and Klita (absorption) support and guidance to facilitate immigration for Australian Olim. Current protocols were discussed as well as future plans and important updates.

Before she left, Becky enjoyed joining the staff on the lunchbreak for the less formal part of the visit.   

Telfed and the ZFA look forward to a continued successful partnership.


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