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Telfed Volunteer Hall of Fame 2016

The 2015- 2016 Telfed Award Ceremony 

1.The Nominees:

Beryl Schmidt

Beryl acts as Telfed’s regional volunteer for Rishon Le Zion and surrounding areas for the past 5 years. Her volunteer work inspires many other people to volunteer and help in the community. Her work has a huge impact on the Rishon and surrounding communities.

Hayden Bailey

Hayden and his family made Aliya from South Africa almost a decade ago. The family have settled on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu where they have been members for the past 7 years.

Hayden is involved in numerous voluntary activities: Medical first responder (United Hatzalah); Fire first responder (Israel fire and rescue service); Ambulance driver (Magen David Adom); Zaka national search and rescue unit; Border Police volunteer; Local community emergency response team (in the greater Emek Hama’ayanot region). Hayden also volunteers and performs numerous duties on his Kibbutz.

Miriam Syber

Miriam made aliya 3 years ago from Melbourne Australia fulfilling a life long dream. She lives in Jerusalem and work as a Project Manager in Hi-tech. Miriam, actively reached out and offered to volunteer and to help new olim. She is infused with love, enthusiasm and spirit of volunteerism and inspires others to be the same .

She has allowed many other Australian Olim to feel comfortable about volunteering with Telfed. It's a pleasure and an honor to volunteer at Telfed, helping to make an oleh's landing smoother'”

Barry Kornel

Barry was Born in Johannesburg and made Aliya in August 1994. Barry has volunteered for Telfed for the past 20 years. He was a part of the Telfed Raanana regional committee for 6 years, of that 4 years as chairman.  

He was a member of Telfed Executive for 10 years, of that 4 years as chairman of the Aliya and Klita committee. In addition for the past 10 years he is an active member of Telfed’s Scholarships and Endowment committee. He also volunteered at the Randburg Hebrew nursery school – on committee for 4 years of that 3 years as chairman; and in King David Victory Park Nursery school – on committee 2 years.

He is married to Marcelle, they have 3 children & 5 Grandchildren.

Marion Polusky-Nakash

Marion grew up in rural SA and made Aliya at age 22. In 1984 she met her husband Arieh and they lived in Tel-Aviv until 6 years ago when they moved to Netanya. Following their move, Marion started actively volunteering with Telfed Netanya Regional Committee. She also volunteers for Hadassah at a Battered Women’s Club, assists children with difficulties in English at Rimalt Junior School, Poleg and is involved in ecological issues.

The highlight of her week is at the Holocaust Survivors Club “AMCHA” in Netanya, where she teaches English to students between the ages of 77-96. 
Marion & Arieh have one son Liron and she brought up 2 step-children as well. 
Len Markuschowitz 
Len volunteers with Magen David Adom and Hatzalah for the last 5 years as a first responder to medical emergencies.
Following his father’s passing 5 years ago, he decided to make a change for others who need immediate medical help and qualified as an EMT (Emergency medical technician).
Those first few minutes people wait for help feel like forever, it is really comforting for them when we come running through the door to help their loved ones.
It is very satisfying to be able to help people in medical distress, and of course to save lives.” 
Len is married to Moran and they have four children.
David Goldberg
Joel Goodman
2. The Winners:
Archie and Blanche Isaacson Memorial Award
for a Young Community Volunteer
Shiri Berzack 
Shiri Berzack made aliya from South Africa in 2012 and has been living in Jerusalem for the last 5 years. She works in marketing in a high tech Israeli company, and enjoys acting with Jerusalem community theatre groups. 
She began her work with Telfed in 2015 with the Jerusalem youth committee trying to get Telfed more involved with the youth in Jerusalem. She moved on to be in charge of welcoming new young olim to Jerusalem in the hopes of helping new olim acclimatize and settle in the social circle in Jerusalem. 
Shiri has been a vital component to the establishing and running of the Youth Committee. She has been a constant support and helped countless young olim. She is always prepared to use her graphic designs skills to help with any Telfed initiative. 
Shiri is a shining example of the spirit of volunteering.  

The Harry and Anita Alter Memorial Award

Ilana Bank 
Ilana Made Aliyah from Johannesburg in February 1996 with her husband and 3 kids. 
She is involved in 3 ongoing projects:
The Benny Joss Community Food Project started 15 years ago when Ilana and her dad started to collect the leftover food at night from restaurants and bakeries. They then distributed the food on a weekly basis to 8 families in need. Today they assist more than 40 families with food for Shabbat and Chagim, assisted by 25 dedicated volunteers.
The Gift Box Project made its debut in 2014 during the war, where hundreds of boxes were distributed to the kids in bomb shelters in Ashkelon.  This Project allows the kids in our community to perform a Mitzvah, by decorating and filling a shoe box with small gifts, sweets, chips, and a personal note, and bringing a little joy into someone's life. These gift boxes are handed out to underprivileged kids, abused kids in Shelters, the elderly, Holocaust Survivors and Wounded Soldiers.
The Bar/Batmitzvah Project- kids who are celebrating their Bar/Batmizvot are teamed with kids who are unable to afford a special day. These kids raise money for clothing, gifts and a sweet table for their "twin", and assist with the setting up of the hall and decorations.
“To assist those who find themselves going through hard times, by giving them dignity today, therefore giving them hope for tomorrow”

Telfed Volunteer of the Year Award

Ros Bak 
Ros made Aliyah in 1979. She started volunteering at Telfed after retiring from her job as Import/Export Managing Secretary. 
Her volunteer work included many aspects:
She helped at reception and did clerical  work.
Assisted in welcoming & processing arrivals of Australian olim.
Worked with late Susan Sharon with correspondence and phone calls , following up with regional volunteers both for Australian and Southern African Olim & updating data base accordingly.
Helped Nava and Helayne for a short period of time.
Assisted late Susan with Scholarship processing, and currently works with Dana & Merav in the PRAS and Financial Scholarship department.
She is active on the ESP committee headed by Shely Cohen
Ros also volunteers weekly at Bet Issie Shapiro when needed. She is married to Bernard Bak and they have two married daughters and 7 beautiful grandchildren.

The Special Merit Award

Josie Shlain 
Born in Jerusalem in 1926. Moved to Brakpan, South Africa in 1929. Returned to Israel as a Machal Volunteer in 1948. Served in the anti-tank unit and was Welfare Officer. 
1951 – Founding member of the Hachshara Building and Agricultural Centre – Today the Ha’aretz Museum.
1951 – Founding member of  the Moshav Shitufi – Kfar Daniel near Ben Shemen  
1961 – Head of the Jewish Agency Department of Immigrants from English Speaking Countries. Later functioned in other numerous activities. 
From 1948 – Active volunteer in Telfed. Chaired the Telfed committee which founded and constructed the rental housing scheme of 94 units in Tel Aviv and Ra’anana. Today “ISRENTCO”.

The Yakir Telfed Award

Sidney Shapiro 

Chairman (In South Africa – 1960’s) 

Bnei Akiva, Cape Town, UCT Students’ Jewish Association, SA Federation of Students’ Jewish Association, Cape Zionist Youth Council, World Vice-Chairman WUJS, Founder: 6 Day War Volunteers’ Association, UCT Student Leadership positions.

In Israel :
Founding member, March of the Living, Council of Olim Associations, Beth Protea 
Observer, Knesset Aliyah & Klita Committee.
Significant Contributions:
Student Counsellor (1970)
SASI Academic Programme
Rental Housing Projects
New settlements
Telfed Magazine Editorial Board (1975)
Publication: “70 years of SA Aliyah” (1992)
Telfed History Project (2017)
Trust Funds 
Direct Absorption Project (1987)
Former Soviet Union Aliyah (1989)
Social Welfare Dept (1993)
Aliyah Expo in SA (1998)
Israel Centre (2001)


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