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Celebrating chanukah with the Telfed community

Telfed hosted chanukah candle lighting and community gatherings at the Telfed buildings in Tel Aviv and Ra'anana during Chanukah. Residents enjoyed an evening of candle lighting, sufganiot and arts and crafts with fellow olim. With apartment buildings in both Tel Aviv and Ra'anana, Telfed offers new olim rental apartments at reduced rates. 30% of the income generated from these rentals is used to maintain the buildings and the remaining 70% is used to assist individuals and families who are in financial need. For the new olim, the sense of community and support they gain by residing in a Telfed building is invaulable. 

Following the chanukah celebrations, South African Olah Sarah Spiro wrote the following:

'It was great to be at our first channukah party with fellow tenants! The sufganiot were amazing and the kids also enjoyed the colouring in activities!  Its a Brocha to be in this building! Many thanks to all involved in making it so special.'

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