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Plan Your Career in Israel – Professional Guidance and Support 
Tailored for Olim from Southern Africa
Dear friend,
Telfed aims to encourage Aliyah by promoting programs and projects which make Israel a country of inherent attraction to Olim. Through its Klita services Telfed endeavours to ease the transition of Southern African Olim from their familiar way of life into the society of their newly-chosen homeland by rendering support on the way. 
In our new initiative, in addition to advice from Telfed’s in-house employment advisor, Sharon Bernstein, Telfed has now joined forces with Michal Merten, certified HR Manager, Behavioural Studies and ICA certified Life Coach, to provide an additional resource to new Olim with a "hands-on" approach to Israel's employment market, during their first year of Aliyah.
In a personal (and confidential) meeting with Michal you will be able to receive professional guidance on the following topics:
  • The Israeli employment market
  • How your qualifications and experience may be efficiently applied
  • How and where to start looking for a job - practical tools for job seeking
  • How to improve / adapt your CV 
  • How best to prepare for and what to expect in a job interview
  • Tips and connections
Telfed will fully subsidise the cost of this meeting. 
Please contact Sharon Bernstein, the Employment Advisor at Telfed, to set up a meeting with Michal at your convenience: 09 – 7907 801 or email 



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