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Telfed Workshop on the Employment Process

Uri Bar-Ner guiding olim through the job application process at the Telfed Employment Workshop in May

On 14 May, Telfed hosted an Employment Workshop for jobseekers. The workshop was run by Michal Merten, Telfed's Career Counsellor, and Uri Bar Ner, a former Shaliach to South Africa. Uri is a workshop facilitator who specializes in facilitating the integration of olim into the Israeli workforce. Language barriers and cultural differences were discussed, as was creating a first impression. Participants discussed the challenges of presenting themselves in a second language.

Participants were then encouraged to introduce themselves in Hebrew, to overcome shyness and to maximize their knowledge of Hebrew. They were coached on their 'elevator pitch', learning key principles, and working together to make improvements on their delivery.

Following this, the job application process was discussed in detail. Special emphasis was given to the job interview process. Cultural differences were analysed, as were unusual interview questions and how best to answer these. Participants were then invited to send their elevator pitches (in Hebrew) to Michal and Uri who have offered to continue working with participants to improve these "first impressions".

The upcoming Telfed Employment workshop, scheduled for 18 June, will focus on LinkedIn, how to build a profile, and will be a hands on workshop. We invite job seekers to participate in this workshop, which has a token participation fee of 10nis. For more information, please contact Yael


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