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Venerated Visitors

Left to Right: Dr. Naomi Sacks, Telfed Chairman Batya Shmukler and Prof. David Katz

Telfed has maintained a long-standing partnership with the Israeli Meyer Hirsch Goldschmidt Foundation and recently was pleased to welcome trustees and family members Prof. David Katz (also formerly of Cape Town and husband of Dr. Jeanne Katz, grand-daughter of the late MH Goldschmidt) and their daughter Dr. Naomi Sacks for the Foundation’s Annual General Meeting. 


Treasured friends of Telfed, they have given with great generosity over the years, supporting educational initiatives and community projects benefitting the Southern African community in Israel, and in so doing strengthening Israeli society.  


The Goldschmidt family have been associated with many worthy charitable projects, both locally and abroad. Their tradition of supporting those in need, which is now continuing to the fourth generation, aims to perpetuate the spirit and values that MH Goldschmidt and his late wife, Germaine Sarah, upheld throughout their lives

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