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Telfed welcomes Isaac Herzog

On Monday evening, 8 July 2019, Adv. Isaac “Bougie” Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency, met with the Telfed leadership.

His first meeting was with Telfed Chairman, Batya Shmukler and Telfed CEO, Dorron Kline. Dorron gave a presentation outlining the manifold Klita services that Telfed provides to Southern African and Australian Olim. Adv. Herzog’s response to the presentation was, “Telfed is a sizable and impressive organisation. We at JAFI must ensure that our Aliyah division works in close cooperation with you.”

The next meeting was with the Telfed Directorate.

Here “Bougie” met with 15 members of Telfed’s lay leadership – the volunteer Chairmen of the different Telfed committees. Bougie spoke about his upcoming visit to South Africa, which will include visits to Johannesburg, Cape Town and addressing the SAZF conference. “After returning from South Africa, I would like to meet with Telfed again, in order to discuss my impressions and to plan our future steps together.”

The Telfed Directorate was very impressed by Adv. Herzog’s eloquence and clear vision.

Dave Bloom, past Chairman of Telfed, showed Bougie a photograph of his late father, Chaim Herzog’s 1969 visit to Salisbury. The photo shows Chaim Herzog standing outside the Salisbury airport surrounded by members of the Betar, Bnei Akiva and Habonim youth moments, together with the Chairman of CAZO (Central African Zionist Organisation), Mervyn Lasovsky.

Bougie was very pleased and asked for a copy of the picture, so that he can add it to the Chaim Herzog archives. 

Chaim Herzog went on to become the 6th President of the State of Israel.


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