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Innovation Africa - Jerusalem event

A well-attended event took place in Jerusalem Monday 8th July. Our special guests was a group of 11 senior lecturers & researchers, brought to Israel for a week by the South African Israel Forum in collaboration with Hebrew University Jerusalem.  The event was successfully and jointly organized and arranged by Keshet tours Esther Ochana Director of InnovatioNation Keshet:  The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel, World Mizrachi, Wit's Alumni Israel and Telfed Jerusalem. We were honored by having Steve Linde Editor Jerusalem Report  as moderator of the evening's event. Special thank you to World Mizrachi and staff for use of their hall once again.

Tables with a wide selection of crackers, cheeses, dips, olives , drinks and wines were set out at the entrance thereby allowing the crowd to mingle which led to new connections  instantaneously forming.

The special evening was opened by Dr. Les Glassman who welcomed the large crowd. Les called upon Benji Shulman, The South African Israel Forum to introduce our guest speaker Sivan Ya'ari CEO Innovation Africa.  Sivan, who has a dynamic personality, began her amazing presentation talking about her difficult beginnings in life, which eventually led her to develop Innovation Africa. Speaking as a professional world changer, Sivan explained to the audience, by use of a power point presentation, the immense need for further developing and spreading her initiative. With passion & empathy she went on to describe the difficult and poor conditions which most of Africa's population contend with in order to barely survive. With no access to fresh water and electricity millions of people suffer ill health and poor education.

Sivan talks with such humility when describing what has so far been achieved: She asks in a rhetorical manner – "what have I done? Everything we use was already developed; I only put the parts and ideas together with a team of Israeli engineers."

The crowd was literally glued to their chairs fully engaged with the powerful message presented, but most of all by a special young dynamic lady, who is so humble.

Moderator Steve Linde summarized the amazing presentation followed by fielding questions from the audience.

The wonderful and inspiring event ended with Roy Scher, Telfed Jerusalem Regional Committee Chairman thanking Sivan and Steve as well as all those in attendence who, together, made the event the great success it was. 


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