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Rabbi Alex Rosin shares his remarkable story

An orphan from the Holocaust days in Poland in 1940 shares his life story at a  Telfed Jerusalem & Wits Alumni in Israel event at The Chamber of The Holocaust on Mount Zion. This most meaningful event was meant to have an extra special group of people joining in to listen & learn from Alex, how to overcome the horrors of the Holocaust, and begin family life again.

The event began with Roy Scher Jerusalem regional committee chairman welcoming all, after which the curator of the Chamber of The Holocaust Museum, Rabbi Aharon shared with the audience heartbreaking story into the establishment of The Museum. Bev Ehrlich read out a paragraph, part of which follows, explaining their plight.

As you may be aware that our current leader is the perpetrator of Ndebeles Genocide so it is working flat out to conceal its involvement with this Genocide ,so all vocal voices about resolving this issue are put under 24 hrs surveillance, especially the Chiefs. For the past 20 days all the Chiefs I came with have serious difficulties in going outside Zimbabwe.

He goes on to write: I am frustrated and disappointed that after all preparations we couldn’t leave Zimbabwe due to surveillance I have lost so much time and money preparing for this trip but by God’s grace we will try again probably next year, my apologies!

Dr Les Glassman, Wits Alumni Israel, who organized this awesome event, introduced our honored  guest Rabbi Alex Rosin, who begun to share his life story….. Given by his wise father & deeply religious father, who had just buried his beloved wife, after she became gravely ill, Rabbi Alex Rosin, grips the audience's attention for almost 2 hours. Alex relates how his riveting life story unfolds from the tender age of 1, not ever knowing his mother or his father. In beautiful clear English, this amazing hero, shares sorrowful details of how he & his 2 older sisters were taken by their father to a peasant Catholic widow, who in turn was given a large sum of money to look after them until after the war, when they would be redeemed by him, if he survived, or by a particular member of the local Jewish community. The story unfolds through a sequence of events, clearly with  G- D's Hand guiding every step of the way.

 Alex describes that his " mother " was so poor, that his diet for 6 years was potatoes, rice, cabbage, tomatoes & bread on a few occasions. His oldest sister died of starvation, and the Polish woman gave his other sister away, due to extreme poverty.

The story continues with in-depth detail of how he was found, with whom he lived & began his life as a believing Jew, how he got to be part of the Kindertransport through the devotion & dedication on Rabbi Schonfeld ז"ל to England, and  to finally starting a family of his own in France. To do justice to this amazing hero, I strongly suggest watching Alex's full presentation.

The event closed with Dr. Les Glassman thanking Rabbi Alex Rosin & Roy Scher presenting Alex with a token gift of appreciation.

Written by Roy Scher


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