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Klita event - Navigating the Medical System in Israel

On Monday 17 December 2018 Telfed, together with Jay Hait, Adv., and Michelle Freedman, The Calming Coach, hosted a lecture in the Telfed boardroom in Ra'anana. The third talk in a series on 'Navigating your Klita in Israel' dealt with the topic 'Navigating the Medical System in Israel.'

It was a full house, with every seat taken. Unlike most Aliyah lectures, this topic speaks to both Olim who are new arrivals and vatikim. This was evident in the diversity of the crowd - a mixed group, ranging from Olim who had just arrived a few weeks earlier to Vatikim who have been here for decades. As health needs change, it is evident that this topic remains of interest to all our Olim.

Telfed CEO Dorron Kline welcomed everyone before Daniela Shapira, Telfed’s Aliyah & Klita Advisor, introduced participants to the history of Telfed and the organisation's various departments and services. The panel of speakers then took centre stage. These experts in their respective fields provided practical information on the healthcare system.

Jay Hait, attorney specialising in family law, discussed the importance of making Living Wills. Michelle Freedman, the Calming Coach, spoke about the importance of Self Care. Dr. Carron Sher, Pediatrician and Medical Geneticist with Clalit, gave an overview of the medical system in Israel in general. She was followed by Dr. Daniel Landsberger, Medical Director of Maccabi Health Service for the Sharon District who spoke about Geriatric Care and Hospice Home Care. To complete the evening, Drs. Abbe Kellner-Kutno, Anna Jotkowitz  and Dena Naeh, Dentists and Founders of Raanana Dental Care, spoke about private dental care with focus on the specifics of Children’s Dental Care.


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