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Precious Partners

The Lewis Family with David Sable, Tal Nevies and Telfed representatives

Henry Ford once said that "coming together is teamwork, staying together - progress and working together - success."  If that be the case, then the reason for Telfed's successes over the past 70 years must have been embedded in a network of international partnerships that have helped the organisation not only to survive, but to thrive.  This summer, we welcomed several key partners to Telfed.

For descendants of former Capetonian Stanley Lewis Z”L, philanthropy has become a family affair. Whilst the initial connection between Telfed and The Stanley and Zea Lewis Foundation was made with the patriarch, his legacy continues through the involvement both of his beloved wife Zea and children Renee, Cheryl, Wendy and Michael

For over a decade, together with Telfed, the Lewis Foundation has provided hundreds of scholarships to Southern African students in Israel, assisting them to obtain respected professions.  Also in attendance were Leonard Feinstein and Philip Press, (family members), David Sable (Family Partners) and Neil (Tal) Nevies. Michael recalled fondly how the initial ‘shidduch’ was made through Eliot Osrin Z”L. He shared Eliot’s satisfaction on how a ‘small investment leveraged a big impact’ through multiple applications at Telfed, making it an especially productive partnership, one that the late Stanley would likely be proud to see flourish.


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