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Machal Memorial, Yom Hazikaron 2019

Tzemach Bloomberg and Saul Simon (son of Myra and Smoky Simon, both Machal South Africa 1948) light the memorial torch at the Machal Memorial, Sha'ar Haguy. 
















Simon Manor (Machal South Africa 1948) reads the names of the 123 Fallen Machalnikim. 














Accompanied by her son and granddaughter, Ruth Stern (Machal South Africa 1948) reads the life story of a fellow machalnik. 













Aliza Peled (daughter of Smoky and Myra Simon) reads the story of 1948 Machal Pilot and Righteous Gentile, Spencer Andrew Boyd. 










Smoky Simon, President of World Machal, shares his experiences with soldiers after the Machal Memorial Service on 8 May 2019. 










South African Machalnikim from 1948 onwards, photographed together at the Machal Memorial on Yom Hazikaron.










Read the press release from Smoky Simon, World Machal, below:

The volunteers from abroad (Machalniks) numbered over 4,800 and came from 59 countries to fight with their brethren in Israel’s fateful War of Independence.  These Machalniks, most of whom were veterans of World War II, brought their skills and expertise to serve in every branch of the IDF – Air Force, Ground Forces, and Navy.

As the war clouds were gathering over Palestine, these veterans felt an obligation to support their brethren in the new-born State of Israel.  Recruiting in the Diaspora was done through Zionist Federations, religious congregations, ex-servicemen organizations, by word-of-mouth, and by the Haganah.

After 71 years of independence, as a result of the efforts of the American Veterans of Israel (New York), the Israel Defense Forces has finally recognized the contribution made by the Machalniks to the successful victory against 6 Arab armies.

In January 2019, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, the Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces issued the following Citation to Machalniks:

“ I wish to express my sincere appreciation for all the soldiers of Machal who, with courage, determination and boundless devotion fought in the hardest battles in the War of Independence.

The volunteers of 1948 chose to join our ranks from a shared belief in the righteousness of our cause.  They stood determined in the face of the enemy for the sake of ensuring the independence of Israel.  The bravery and deep sense of purpose that guided them, as well as their personal experience and professional skills are the foundation upon which the Israel Defense Forces are built until this day.  As they stood steadfast in the line of fire, before them lay the dream of 2,000 years: the establishment of a national home for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

The soldiers of Machal, who gathered from every corner of the world and tied their fates to the people of this land, left a legacy that guides us to this day.  We continue to walk in their footsteps as we work to fulfill our mission: to protect the State of Israel, to secure its existence, and if necessary, to triumph in war.

In my name and in the name of the soldiers and officers of the IDF, I salute you!”



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