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Previous issues of Telfed's printed magazine (from 2003 onwards) are available for you to read online (below).

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The Telfed magazine reaches over 25,000 members of the South African community (5,000 households).  
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Our Pesach 2020 community magazine focuses on South/ern Africans who have made formidable contributions towards global sustainability - recycling, high performance homes, renewable electricity, smart buildings, design entrepreneurship, marine preservation and climate change (inter alia). In this edition, we also bid farewell in memorial tributes to Cecilia Harris (one of 'Daddy Ochberg's' children), Prof. Allie Dubb (Port Elizabeth), Barry Omsky (founding member of Squashbond), Hayley Sevitz Varenberg (who tragically passed away in a Chanukkah bus crash) and Rabbi Zeev Kraines.  A 2019 summary of Telfed's work serving the SA community in Israel is also included.

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December 2019 (Chanukkah)

In this edition, we explore the need and methods to obtain physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  Assisting with Alzheimers, procuring a prothestic, learning logotherapy, Aruna Yoga, cricket in Israel, a summary of healthcare in the Holy Land and some amusing Aliyah moments are only some of the treats in store in our Chanukkah spread.  Keep up to date with community simchas, weddings and new arrivals, and let the kids 'dig in' to our activity page, whilst keen culinarians tuck in to the creamy cauliflower soup recipe.  Hopefully, there is something to suit everyone's tastes in this print. Betayavon!   

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September 2019 (Rosh Hashannah Edition)

Ahead of the New Year, we explore the subject of empowerment, with a focus on women in our community who have shattered glass ceilings. We offer diverse perspectives from young women who served in combat units. We delve into the poignant stories from women in the community on abuse and illness. We share insights from pioneers in the fields of venture capital, medicine, special needs education and more. See the latest Aliyah trends and learn more about self-defence from a sports legend.  

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March 2019 (Pesach Edition)

As Telfed's 70th anniversary draws to an end, we look to the future. In this edition, you can read about our innovative Southern African olim who are making momentous contributions from medical marijuana to Israel's first lunar landing. Learn about Telfed's solidarity tiyul where our olim visited their contemporaries in the Gaza envelope communities, how SA roots have shaped our olim and why a young soldier encourages future olim to serve in the IDF.  

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November 2018 (Chanukah Edition)

As Telfed celebrates 70, President Rivlin praises the valuable contribution of South African Olim to Israeli society, South African students choosing Israeli universities, former Southern Africans integrating Arab and Jewish youngesters through squash. 

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September 2018 (Rosh Hashanah Edition)

Israel at 70: With Israel on a high hosting the start of the "Giro D'Italia" in Jerusalem, winning the 2018 Eurovision Contest in Lisbon and with tourism and the economy soaring, the SA community in Israel joins in year-round festivities celebrating Telfed's own 70th birthday, with family events across the country.

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April 2018 (Yom Ha'atzmaut - 70th Anniversary Edition)

In this memorable 70th birthday edition of Telfed's magazine, page through the "The Telfed Times" and read about the major milestones and highlights since Telfed's inception. Reporting on some remarkable contributions of Southern African Olim in all spheres of Israeli life for the past 70 years, beginning with the memoirs of the Machalniks. This newsworthy edition will take you on a trip down memory lane. Reminisce, be inspired, and celebrate our Southern African Olim and Telfed!

Please click HERE to download the 2018 Yom Ha'atzmaut Edition.

November 2017 (Hannukah Edition)

In this Anniversary edition, read all about the "Fed's" history and the exciting year ahead with all the upcoming events to celebrate the jubilee! Since its inception seven decades ago, Telfed has become an integral part of Israeli society and has grown from strength to strength. Learn more about the First Zionist Congress, the Balfour Declaration and how South Africans embrace the future.

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September 2017 (Rosh Hashanah Edition)

In the Rosh Hashanah edition of the Telfed Community Magazine, read all about the Fed's new lay leaders and the wind of change giong through the organization. Learn more about the exciting projects that are in the works to celebrate Telfed's 70th Anniversary next year and discover our new logo !

But that's not all! With a special focus on the Macccabiah games, you will learn all that there is to know about the amazing South African contribution to the games and how it is trule a "family affair!". 

Please click here to download the 2017 Rosh Hashanah Edition.

April 2017 (Pesach edition)


In this edition, as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the six days war, the article "Fields of Gold" will introduce you to fellow southern africans who lived through this traumatic ordeal and want to share their stories. 

Read all about Telfed's volunteers' recognition by the Israeli governement for their fantastic contribution to society and meet the mentors who help new Olim to find a job in Israel!

Please click here to download the Pesach 2017 edition

December 2016 (Hannukah)

In this edition, read all about "Daddy Ochberg's" fascinating history, the sizzling SASI Programme, the extraodinary impact Telfed had on the community in 2016 and tickle your senses with spicy recollections from our 'Indian Night'.

With a special focus on the formidable Shimon Peres, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about this pragmatic visionary.

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September 2016 (Rosh Hashana)

Read all about Aliyah highs and Israeli Spies, "The Entebbe Raid" and even a 2016 Israeli Prize Recipient...
With a special focus on Aliyah, you will get to know amazing Southern Africans and how their enduring and endearing narratives make them formidable contributors to Israeli Society. 
All copies have been dispatched by post so please be patient, they should arrive shortly.
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April 2016 (Pesach)

This edition features an indepth look at Southern African heroes Bobby and Charlie Shapiro, the encounter with terrorist Samir Kuntar and Bobby's experience in the hijacking of an Egged bus on the coastal highway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. A fitting farewell is paid to 'giant hearts' in our community David 'Migdal' Teperson and Maurice 'Mo' Ostroff. Also read about Telfed's new academic support programme (SASI - South Africans studying in Israel). Enjoy newly included Health and Culinary sections, as well as a book review of "A World of Pains" by South African born Author Solly Kaplinski.  This and many more enticing articles for you to enjoy over the holiday period.  All copies have been dispatched by post so please be patient, they should be arriving shortly.

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December 2015 (Chanukkah)

Find out what has been going on in the community over the past few months in this jam-packed edition of the popular Telfed magazine! You can see who has had a birthday, wedding-anniversary or welcomed a child into the world.  Read about exciting community events such as the grand opening ceremony for the PRAS student bursary Scheme, the launch of the Diller teen Leadership in South Africa, for the first time ever, and the dynamic activites of the new Telfed Youth committee. All this in Addition to a fascinating article about the Youth Movements in the "old" South Africa and recent events related to them, a review of the 15th Annual Summit on Counter Terrorism,  fond memories of the late famous cantor, Rev. Himelstein, a book review of Jonathan Zausmer's new book and much, much more! Get ready for a treat...


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September 2015 (Rosh Hashana)


The Rosh Hashana 2015 Magazine is another great edition of our popular magazine.  Read about how Israel is a world-leader in offering aid in times of crisis around the world. Catch up on all the latest community news and and see what Telfed has been up to this year including updates on our numerous projects such as the new building, PRAS bursary scheme and Lone soldiers.  Also in this issue read about visitors to Israel by yacht, the Zambia-Israel connection and how a member of Moshav Avichail unearthed the grave of a former Cape-tonian WWI war-hero.

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April 2015 (Pesach)


The Pesach Edition of the popular Telfed magazine is full of the type of interesting and informative articles that our readers have learned to love and anticipate from edition to edition! From our fascinating cover story about the epic adventure of Zionism through the ages, to an account on our volunteer awards ceremony and an article about a heart-warming relationship between SA and Israeli tennis players - there is something here to interest everyone.  Not to mention the usual society news and events and special dedications that keep us all connected to our Southern African and Australian "family" in Israel! Follow the links below:

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December 2014

Another edition of our much-loved magazine featuring news that keeps us in touch with our South African brethern in Israel and overseas. Enjoy a fascinating analysis of young students today and begin to understand why so many have chosen to leave their countries of birth and come and study in Israel and make their futures here. Take a nostalgic trip back to the old Gardens Synagogue in Cape Town and educate yourself on the enormous South African contribution to the Israeli rugby scene. Read how entrepreneur Morris Kahn inspired a new generation of young entrepreneurs from South Africa at a very enriching Telfed event and see all the usual community news, advertisements and events information.

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September 2014 

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April 2014 

The Pesach edition is the first Telfed has dedicated its front cover to an individual. It celebrates Sidney Shapiro's 70th birthday and his retirement as Director of Telfed after 30 years.

The magazine includes a number of other interesting articles/stories. One fascinating piece on a bust of Chaim Weizman saved from the Bulawayo Shul fire and sent to the Weizman Institute in Israel and how the name of the sculptor was found. From book reviews to the report on the Telfed gala dinner celebrating lifetime achievements by Smoky Simon and Morris Kahn and much more in this edition.

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November 2013

The Chanukkah edition featured a cover story detailing Telfed's Ethiopian Community Initiative (TECI), a social entrepreneur project adopted by volunteer members of the Southern African community in Israel, as part of their contribution to the betterment of Israeli society. 
It also included details of the new Telfed Directorate and Executive Council as well as new arrivals, Ashkelon re visited 
as well as lots of other exciting things.

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July 2013 

The Summer issue welcomes the participants of the 19th Maccabiah(and especially the large contingent from South Africa); details how Telfed's 'On the move' is now welcoming Australian and Ethiopian Olim; a big welcome to two new Telfed staff members: Nikki and Dafna; Truth be Told holds a riveting panel discussion on "Countering the Media Assault on Israel' to a packed hall; South Africans honored at Ben-Gurion University, Maish Isaacson and Shoshi Ofer entertain children as medical clowns, and more.

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March 2013

The Pesach issue includes stories about Southern African marathon winners; two new Telfed initiatives: 'Grannies on the Go' and a 'Time Bank'; 'From Dreamers to Doers' article about Norman Lurie and the resurrection of the Dolphin House hotel in Shavei Zion; 'Beneath the Rooftops' - the story of the Shtetl of Musnik; an article about the Naale Elite Academy - a high-school program that welcomes young Jewish students from all over the world; the poetry of Yoram Selbst, grandson of former Telfed Chairman, Justice Joseph Harbstein, and more. 

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December 2012 - This issue included a cover story on Southern Africans working for an environmentally-friendlier Israel, jam-packed with reports on recent Telfed events including our gala dinner with guest speaker Bank of Israel Governor Dr Stanley Fischer, people section, tributes to the late Paul Arielli and Norman Spiro and much much more....

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October 2012 


Special '30th Anniversary of Keren Telfed' edition:
Read about the history of Telfed from 1948, Telfed's 'On the Move' initiative and projects; the volunteers that help this all happen and much more.

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July 2012 - Telfed's latest printed magazine has hit the streets and includes a cover story on volunteerism, more details about Telfed's 'On The Move' activities; a review of Better Place's revolutionary electric cars, sports, a

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March 2012 -  Telfed's latest printed magazine has hit the streets and includes a cover story on how Southern Africans youngsters are partying in Tel Aviv thanks to Telfed (entitled "Telfed let's its hair down"), the Telfed focus section on the developments in the organisation's new On the Move strategic plan, Telfed's PRAS scholarship program, a look at Southern African art, a short piece on the new CEO of TEVA (former Capetonian) , nuptials, book review and much more....

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December 2011 - The latest Telfed magazine has been published and distributed with the cover story on Telfed's social-media outreach and its new strategy programme called Telfed on the Move designed to engage new and veteran Olim to develop new ways to work together to contribute to Israeli society. The magazine has a range of additional articles covering the recent inauguration of the Ochberg memorial in Israel, a "sporting chance" - an organisation called Tikvot that look after victims of terror, the summer protests in Israel, new arrivals from S.Africa, nuptials, Focus on Telfed with a round-up of regional news and much more.

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July 2011 - Telfed's July 2011 magazine has been published and distributed to over 5,000 homes in Israel and abroad with a great cover story on Telfed's PRAS mentoring programme where students are given scholarships as well as additional incentives to "give back" to the community. The magazine includes the Focus on Telfed section including a report on the newly elected leadership of the organisation, the recent SA Zionist Conference in Johannesburg, launching of the new Higher4Hire website to help members of the community to offer their services, a regional roundup, a book review of Alon Liel's latest publication based on his visit to S.A. during the World Cup,  a profile of journalist Paula Slier, a story on MTA's founder Chaim Lacob, the people section, nuptials and much more.

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February 2011 - Telfed's February 2011 magazine has been published with a fascinating cover story on how Telfed has been "Celebrating the Past and Embracing the Future" - from the early days of Israel's establishment to the ways it is stepping up to the current challenges facing the organisation, new olim and the community. The magazine includes other reports and stories covering a recent Staff Reunion party, reports from the regional committees around the country, a story on Israel Broadcasting English Service's 20th Anniversary and much more.

n Liel's latest publication based on his visit to S.A. during the World Cup,  a profile of journalist Paula Slier, a story on MTA's founder Chaim Lacob, the people section, nuptials and much more.

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November 2010 - The cover story for this issue is "Eyes Wide Open" and highlights a unique project co-organised by a young S. African-born student to bring some 60 medical students from around the world to acquaint them with Israel’s enormous and innovative contribution in the field of humanitarian assistance. Other stories in this edition include an interesting project by South African-born Jerold Kessels (former CNN correspondent) and his colleague Pierre Klochendle and their book "Goals for Galilee" exploring ways for Jews and Arabs to live in peace. Other items in the magazine range from a round up of Telfed Regional committee activities to a New Oleh profile covering fast moving Ephy Chesler.

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August 2010 - in this issue the cover story is entitled "A New Pitch for Better Relations" and describes former South African Herschel Guttman's exciting project in promoting cricket to the youth in Israel - particularly with Bedouins, Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.  The magazine also includes articles on Telfed's Scholarship program, business articles, new arrivals, a book review on the late Leo Lovell, a regional roundup and much more.  Remember to keep your contact details up-to-date at Telfed so that we can ensure you receive your copies of the magazine - especially in its spanking new full colour format.

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March 2010 - Telfed is proud to announce the publication of a new and exciting format for its magazine which was distributed to over 5,000 homes in Israel and abroad in the last couple of weeks.  The magazine comes in an easy-to-read larger A4 size and is full colour from front to back in an attractive layout. The content remains unique coverage of issues of interest to the Southern African community in Israel and in this issue stories range from a report on increased aliya in 2009, the threat of litigation against former South Africans who serve in the Israeli army, Telfed Focus on recent events and activities in the organisation, Telfed Chairman's report, a feature on an up and coming song writer/singer, sport and much on the link below and enjoy our online version but remember you can contact Telfed and ensure you get the printed version regularly. Thanks to our magazine team David Kaplan (Editor), Becky Becky Rowe Littman (graphic layout), Michal Merten (office coordinator), editorial committee, our proof readers, distribution volunteers and Telfed staff  for all the hard work in producing this new version of the magazine . We invite readers to send in comments to

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November 2009 magazine was published recently with its cover story on young olim from Southern Africa making their new lives in Israel. In addition there is a section on Telfed's wide-ranging activities in the community, a story on Rabbi Kossowsky’s life and work in South Africa, recent nuptials, arrivals, Keren Telfed, People section and much much more...

Cover Page
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Telfed's June 2009 magazine was distributed to its readership of 5,000 homes in Israel and abroad. The magazine editorial sets the scene with the following : As we celebrate the new wave of Southern African immigration, we applaud the over six decades of our Southern African community’s contribution towards Israel’s enrichment, stability and security. In our Cover Story, ‘The Ambassadors’ we tap into the lives of some of these immigrants who serve or have served in Israel’s diplomatic corp.

Cover page
Pages 1-19

Pages 20-48

Telfed's first quarter 2009 magazine was published and distributed in February - focusing on how former Southern Africans in the western Negev dealt with the recent war in Gaza - amongst many other interesting articles.

Cover Page
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Pages 21-48

November 2008

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June 2008

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March 2008

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October 2007 

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May 2007 

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January 2007 

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October 2006 

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May 2006 

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February 2006 

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November 2005

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July 2005

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March 2005

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October 2004

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June 2004

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January 2004

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September 2003

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