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PRAS Programme for Clients

PRAS is a unique programme whose principal purpose is to assist olim and improve their integration and quality of life in Israel.  The concept is simple: hand-picked students from all around the country volunteer to help new olim, and receive a scholarship from Telfed in appreciation of their contribution to the olim community.

Applications to be assisted by a PRAS student in the 2017/8 academic year are now open!! Please read all the information below before filling out the application form: Link to Application Form

Our students volunteer in a variety of categories:

Mentoring and assisting new Olim, encouraging them to refine and enhance their Hebrew language skills and making their klitah process smoother.​

Providing children with a “big brother/sister” in order to help them adjust to life in Israel.  Along with social activities and being a caring source of support, students can help children with homework when necessary. 

Assisting people with special needs.

Accompanying and assisting the elderly.

Please note:  PRAS students volunteer to assist in matters relating to aliyah and klitah.  This typically takes the form of being a big brother/ big sister to children or a companion for elderly and special needs individuals.  PRAS students cannot take the place of tutors, babysitters, therapists, or any other professional.  If you require the services of a tutor for school work, a babysitter, or any other professional, please arrange this separately from the PRAS programme.
Frequently Asked Questions:
I have had a PRAS student assist me in the past.  Can I be in the programme again this year?  Can I be with the same student again?
Yes, you are welcome to apply again!  You are also welcome to request to continue with the same student.  Keep in mind that all applications will be considered every year and that we are unable to guarantee acceptance into the programme to any applicant.
I live in the Eilat/Nahariya/a small moshav.  Can I still apply?
Yes, you are welcome to apply!  While no application is guaranteed acceptance, we have students in many areas of the country and will do our best to match you with someone in your area. 
My child has special needs.  Will the PRAS student be able to cope?
We welcome special needs children into the programme and PRAS students are happy to work with you to understand the best way to relate to your child.  However, the PRAS student is not a trained therapist and can not be expected to have professional proficiency in matters regarding your child's needs, limitations, or idiosyncracies.  We find that partnerships work best when the parent maintains excellent communication with the student and supports their activities.
I applied for PRAS because my child needs a maths/Hebrew/science tutor but all they seem to do is play.  What can I do?
Please understand that students are volunteers and are not engaged to be tutors, babysitters, therapists, or take on any other professional role.  The student may help your child occasionally with homework but this is not the purpose of the programme.  You child is enjoying a special relationship with their PRAS student and this in turn will help their kliltah process.
I want to participate in the PRAS programme but my child is only available on Monday afternoons from 2-4pm. 
The scheduling of PRAS visits must be organised according to both client and student availability.  If you are only available for a very limited time during the week it is quite possible that we will not be able to match you with a student.  Keep in mind that you must put aside 3 hours/week every week during the academic year for PRAS visits.
It's September, we just made aliyah and my child doesn't understand anything at school!  We applied for PRAS but haven't heard anything and we need help now!
We understand that the beginning of the school year is often a stressful time.  Two things should be kept in mind.  Firstly, the PRAS programme runs according to the university academic year - students begin their year in late October and start volunteering in November.  No family has a PRAS student in September.  Secondly, while the PRAS student can help your child with conversational Hebrew and occasionally help them with their homework they will be unable to take on the full task of assisting your child with their language issues at school.  We suggest you speak to the school about extra ulpan hours, hire a tutor for homework help, and let your child enjoy their time with their PRAS student as extra integration rather than language lessons.
Do I have to pay for PRAS?
Thanks to generous donations that support our students and our programme, you do not need to pay to participate in the PRAS programme.  However, if you are able to contribute something financially, Telfed always appreciates donations and you can be sure that your donation will go towards Telfed's programmes and helping South Africans in Israel.
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