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The Partisans' Song event - Jerusalem

Telfed Jerusalem, The Zionist Council in Israel & Wits Alumni hosted South African born Eli Rabinowitz, visiting from Perth, Australia.

The amazing event opened with a few words of welcome by Dr. Les Glassman, Wits Alumni chairman, who also introduced our guest speaker. We were honored by having Dorron Kline C.E.O. Telfed , share with us some ideas relevant to the sadness of the day, 20th Sivan, the worst day of battle during the 1st Lebanese war in 1982,  as well as the positive importance of the day, the establishment of Alon Shvut, which we as South African Olim are proud of our community's involvement thereof. Zionist Council in Israel representative, Sonia Graham, welcomed the crowd in the name of the organization.

Eli ,who spoke with passion coupled sometimes with humor, took us on a journey back to the centers of European Jewry, and showed how we can continue to commemorate and connect to our legacy.

Using the stories of the Jewish Partisans and the song - Zog Nit Keynmol, Eli  provided us  with role models for standing up with confidence and ability in the face of prejudice and oppression.

The words of Zog Nit Keynmol are translated into a universal message of hope and inspiration for all ……and now in 28 languages!  Eli’s presentation was most uplifting, and his project: WE ARE HERE!  Is a powerful educational tool that inspires, with emphasis on the younger generation worldwide.

Roy Scher, chairman Telfed Jerusalem committee, concluded the evening, thanking Eli for this fascinating presentation.

For those interested in learning more about Eli, click here:

Or to watch a small section of the event:



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