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Rabbi Natan Gamedze's life journey

Rabbi Natan Gamedze (center) in Jerusalem to share his life journey and his "coming home" (aka converting to Judaism) with the SA Community.

An amazingly successful event coordinated jointly by Telfed Jerusalem, WITS Alumni & World Mizrachi, was held in Jerusalem 21st November 2017 at World Mizrachi.

The guest speaker was Rabbi Natan Gamedze, Prince of the Swazi Royal family, Grandson of King  Sobhuza II, former King of Swaziland. Rabbi Natan is fluent in 14 languages and well educated from Oxford  & WITS Universities.

The event was opened with a welcome message from Roy Scher, Jerusalem Telfed regional committee chairman, followed by a meaningful and most relevant Dvar Torah delivered by Telfed CEO, Dorron Kline.  Dorron enlightened the large crowd of over 100, by sharing ideas of the weeks Parashah Va'yezeh, comparing our patriarch Ya'akov's journey to that of Rabbi Natan, following a calling of the Almighty to fulfill his life's destiny.

A full house in Jerusalem

Dr.Les Glassman, WIT's Alumni chairman, who originally thought of hosting Rabbi Natan, introduced the guest speakers. Firstly, Ambassador Aryeh Oded who gave an account of his experiences with the Swazi Royal family, while serving as Israel's Ambassador to Swaziland, as well as many other African countries.

The honored guest speaker Rabbi Natan Gamedze, grabbed the crowds full attention when sharing his deep personal emotions of his "coming home" to Judaism. He went right back to his birth and about the name his late father gave him, a name which he didn't even know about until after he officially converted to Judaism.

L-R: Jonny Lipczer (Director communications World Mizrachi), Solly Sacks (World Mizrachi), Rav Natan Gamedze, Dr. Les Glassman, Ambassador Aryeh Oded, Roy Scher and Telfed CEO, Dorron Kline.

Rabbi Natan focused on 2 main points, first that when he feels something is an absolute truth, then he engages fully with that concept, secondly he strongly believes that even as a child he felt a connection to Judaism, so when the time of conversion came, and he went to the Rabbanut in Jerusalem, the process took 1 day. How was this so? He had already studied for quite some time in renowned Yeshivot in Jerusalem.

The floor was opened to the audience for questions, and once again the crowd was able to further understand the uniqueness of this special man and his amazing personal journey home, to Judaism and Israel.

We were privileged to have among the audience, Steve Linde, former editor Jerusalem Post, presently Editor Jerusalem Report, as well as Greer Fay Cashman, reporter at Jerusalem Post.

A special presentation was made to Rabbi Natan, by Mr. Dov Sidelsky, who wrote a book "Mandela's Boss – The Sidelsky Mandela connection". Dov's late father who had a law firm, was the first lawyer who gave Mandela the opportunity to complete his articles for his law degree. The evening concluded with Roy Scher presenting both Ambassador Oded  & Rabbi Natan token gifts of appreciation in the names of the 3 organizations who sponsored the event.

Link to event, Click HERE.  

To read the article written by Greer Fay Cashman in the Jerusalem Post, Click HERE.

Article written by Roy Scher







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