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Remembering Gidon Katz z''l

Gidon lighting the memorial flame at the dedication of the new commemorative plaque

at the Golani Junction, listing the names of the 87 South African fallen in Israel's wars.

Gidon Clive Katz Z”L passed away on 17 August 2017 (25 Av 5777). He was born in Mayfair, Johannesburg circa in 1937.

Gidon was an active member of the Bnei Zion Youth movement in Mayfair, made Aliyah and became a Nachal volunteer from South Africa during the 1956 Sinai Campaign (Mivtza Kadesh).

Gidon’s brother, Rami Katz Z”L - 1949 – 1973 had joined his brother in Israel and joined the Israeli Defense Forces. He fell in the defense of Israel during the Yom Kippur War.

Gidon was instrumental in having the Lavi Forest Memorial plaque to the South African Fallen refurbished, arranging with Telfed – South African Zionist Federation (Israel) for regular services to be held in their memory.

Gidon introduced a project to record the names, histories and photographs of all South Africans who have fallen in the defense of Israel.

Gidon dedicated a large part of his life to ensure that those South Africans who fell in the defense of Israel would not be forgotten.

Obituary written by Peter Bailey.

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