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Informative evening on SA-Israel Trade

Dr. Michael Oren addressing the audience on Israeli Foreign Policy 

On Thursday 19 July 2018, the Israel South Africa Chamber of Commerce held an informative evening entitled "Reflections on Reaching Market: Israel - South Africa" at Discount Bank, Tel Aviv. The evening was hosted by Discount Bank and co-sponsored by The Israeli Export Institute and the South African Zionist Federation, Israel (Telfed). The event was well patronized and attended by key figures from the Federation of Bi-national Chambers of Commerce in Israel, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Israel, the Israeli Export Institute, the Israeli Manufacturers' Association and Telfed, as well as relevant representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Industry dealing with Israel-South Africa bilateral trade relations.

The audience was addressed by Dr. Michael Oren, (Deputy Minister of Foreign Policy at the Prime Minister's Office) on "the opportunities and challenges with Israel's Foreign Relations". This was followed by a talk on the burgeoning opportunities for the Israeli exporter in South Africa by Mr. Itai Melchior, Israel's Economic Attaché in South Africa (until approximately half a year ago). Economist Shlomo Maoz and Deborah Liany addressed the audience on the Israeli economy and Israel's International Trade.

Following these lectures, Eyal Levin, Co-CEO LESSISMORE Consulting Group BDO, entertained the audience on the marketing of products and services in this new age. The event was emceed by the Chamber of Commerce's Chairperson Adv. Marcelle J. Saul Sheiman and by its Vice Chairperson, Mr. Shraga Barak. Mr. Daniel Winer, Head of the Telfed Jerusalem Youth Regional Committee, provided assistance with the event as Chamber Project Director.   


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