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Shluchot 1967 Reunion

In mid May 2017, a group of volunteers that were based in Kibbutz Shluchot during the 6 day war held a reunion with 36 of the 48 original members. Over the years, the majority of the group made Aliyah and all have settled well. 

As the war broke out in the middle of the academic year in South Africa, at the time all had to get special permission from the university to be excused from schooling and forfeit a year before returning to finalize their studies. They did all sorts of jobs on the kibbutz from working with the orchards, to doing the laundry or work in the kitchen.

Many of them kept in contact with the kibbutz and especially with their "adopted parents". Five years ago, a reunion was held to celebrate their 45th anniversary. 

More details on the event will be given in the next Telfed Newsletter.


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