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"STAYIN’ ALIVE " An Israeli Satire-Comedy Show

Noam Jacobson and Gady Weissbart

When Rav Doron Perez, the CEO and Head of World Mizrachi as well as a very dear friend and patient of mine phoned me and asked if I could help promote World Mizrachi’s "Stayin’ Alive" Israeli Comedy Show, I jumped at the opportunity. I immediately contacted Dorron Kline and we decided that both Telfed and Wits Alumni in Israel would co–sponsor this exciting event.

Stayin’ Alive is an Israeli comedy show which showcases Israeli life in a way you’ve never seen before. This English-speaking 75-minute-long live performance deals with the way Israelis today feel misjudged and misunderstood worldwide. With accusations of apartheid, with the BDS movements and with anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on the rise, some good old Israeli chutzpah and laughter is a wonderful remedy.

Noam Jacobson and Gady Weissbart are comedians born and raised in Israel. They show the Israel you never knew: they are hilarious, wacky, blunt and confident. Using sketches, musical numbers and non–verbal skits, the show embraces Israel for what it is – a small country, surrounded by enemies, trying to live a normal life in the crazy neighborhood called the Middle East. We are a nation which provocatively insists on Stayin’ Alive.

Two World Premiers were held in Israel last month. The first was held on the 7th September at Yad L’Banim in Ra’anana. Rav Perez and Rav Hillel Van Leeuwen introduced both comediens of the show to the audience and spoke about the impact that World Mizrachi has on Am Israel. Maish Isaacson explained how Telfed  helps Southern African olim through numerous activities and projects. For South African Olim who have fallen on hard times Telfed keeps them literally ‘Staying Alive’. On behalf of Wits Alumni in Israel I mentioned the numerous talks and events we have held over the past two years and how wonderful it has been for the three organizations to work  together. The surprise star of the show was our very own Dorron Kline who bravely participated  in a rap scene.

The second Premier was held  on the 28th of September at Beit Atzag in Jerusalem to a sold out performance which was attended by an enthusiastic young crowd.

I would like to thank World Mizrachi for including Telfed and Wits Alumni in this memorable event. A 'yeshakoyach' to Mike Masinter and Roy Scher and all those who  helped promote the show.

To all our readers out there please tell family and friends who live abroad, that if they are passionate about Israel and deeply care about what is happening here, then Stayin’ Alive is a show not to be missed.  

 Article written by Dr Les Glassman (Wits University Alumni representative in Israel).    

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