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"Street Names in Israel" Wine & Cheese Event

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The turbulent and often violent history of Israel and the Jewish People has resulted in a huge number of heroes, events and places that are an integral part of Jewish history. These names are in daily use and visible to us as they form the basis for the naming of the street names in Israel. Behind almost every street name is a story, which, while relevant in the past, is very often forgotten and eventually ignored. Many of us are unaware of the reasons why certain street names appear so often in numerous localities, this book will jog the memories of many of us and enlighten others.

Peter Bailey has become well known amongst the people who regularly go on the Telfed Tiyulim for the intensive research he does into each tiyul route and interesting facts and snippets of information which he then relates during the journey on the bus. After making Aliyah some three and a half years ago, Peter realised how the history of Israel is intricately interwoven with the names of the streets, which are repeated in almost every town, city and village.

This realisation gave him the idea of writing this book, Streets Names in Israel, listing many of the more important names followed by a short biography of the person, place or event that is commemorated in that street name. This is a fascinating book which gives the reader a sense of Israel’s history and a better understanding of current events when viewed in the context of events of  the past.

Street Names in Israel” gives us a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of people from all walks and professions that have left an indelible mark on our nation, through a quintessential practical guide.” Maish Isaacson, Chairman, Telfed.

 Exhibition of Art by Marianne Davidow

Marianne Davidow ( uses her love of colour and a spontaneous painting process to produce vibrant abstract paintings.  Her paintings are brightly coloured and thought provoking. Marianne says, "My goal is to inspire those who look at my work to stimulate their imagination and have fun finding familiar and sometimes bizarre images in the swirling and colourful patterns of my paintings."

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