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Meet the Team

Dorron Kline is the CEO. His aim is to ensure that Telfed is the premier organisation which enables ex-Southern Africans to contribute to Israeli society.  Tel. 09-7907818

Nava Lapid is our COO - it's a lot more than just balancing a budget – it's steering a ship.  Tel. 09-7907803

Nikki Leviner is the Head of Resource Development, skillfully working towards securing the future financial stability of the organisation.  Tel. 09-7907802

Shireen Burt is part of Telfed's Resource Development Department. She assists with the donations and the magazine subscriptions.  Tel. 09-7907819

Anne Abarbanel is part of Telfed's Resource Development Department. She is the Fundraising Associate and assists the Head of Resource Development.  Tel.09-7907819

Helayne Shedletzky is part of Telfed's bookkeeping team, working closely with the staff and dedicated to Telfed's mission.  Tel. 09-7907820

Gerald Wolman is part of Telfed's bookkeeping team – facts and figures at his finger tips.  Tel. 09-7907807

Dafna Rosenfeld  is Telfed's property manager, managing 105 apartments with more than two hundred tenants. and

Tel : 09 7907808

Sharon Bernstein is our employment advisor and administrative assistant to the Directorate as well as staff member of almost 25 years standing! Tel. 09-7907801

Ariela Siegel is our Social Worker and she is available for interventions with any personal or social issues.

She administers Telfed’s Assistance Committee, as well as being in charge of Aliyah and Klitah.  Tel. 09-7907821

Daniela Shapira is Telfed's Community Administrator, assisting Ariela Siegel, Telfed's Social Worker and Head of the Aliyah/Klitah Department.  Tel.09-7907804

Dana Ben-Chail is Head of Volunteerism, Events and Community Development, dedicated to Telfed’s mission of engaging Southern Africans in Israel to contribute to Israel society. Tel. 09-7907805


Dana Levy-Tavor is Head of Telfed's Endowments, Scholarships, and PRAS Department. She manages the highly successful PRAS Programme, in which students volunteer with the South African community in return for a generous scholarship. Tel. 09-7907817

Merav Fisher assists the Head of the Endowments, Scholarship and PRAS Department, Dana Levy-Tavor, and is the project coordinator for the SASI Academic Programme. Tel 09-7907817





























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