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Pietersburg Shul makes Aliyah to the Holy Land

In the photo:  Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft, Harold Starkowitz, Ruby Gollach [Levy], Dennis Wiener, Charlotte Wiener, Tzvi Lipman, Beulah Lipman [Miller]

The contents of the Pietersburg [Polokwane] Shul and a Sefer Torah were brought from South Africa and presented to the Mevasser Zion Shul in Tel Mond. The opening of the Shul as well as the Hachnasat Torah ceremony took place on the evening of Sunday, 23rd June 2013. The celebration was attended by more than 300 people and the Tel Mond Kehilla excelled itself with the arrangements. The event was well attended by South Africans originally from Pietersburg, as well as Messina, Louis Trichardt and Potgietersrus.

Before the main ceremony, the Pietersburg Sefer Torah was brought inside the Shul from the street with the celebrations normally accompanying such an event - lots of singing and dancing.

There were speeches by the Mayor of Tel Mond, the Rabbi of the area, the Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett, Dennis Wiener from the Pietersburg Hebrew community, Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft, the South African country communities Rabbi and Darren Platsky from the Mevasser Zion community.

Minister Bennett and the Rabbi both emphasized the positive contribution made by the South African Aliyah to Israel.

A Wall of Remembrance containing the foundation stones and a timeline of the Pietersburg Hebrew Congregation occupies a place of pride at the entrance of the Shul. The wooden seats, the Cimah and even the old clock on the wall all contribute to the lovely nostalgic atmosphere in this modern version of the Pietersburg Shul.

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