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Tu B’Shvat in Har Hevron

A warm welcome to family Konig
Tu B’Shvat 5774 … and what a privilege it is for us living in the Land to observe this “minor” festival with its profound twofold message.
The approximately 300 million trees that have been planted since the creation of the State of Israel herald the return of its people to their ancient homeland, to which also the 18 yishuvim in the Har Hevron region bear testimony. After all, it was promised that the barren hills of Israel would yield “branches and fruit” for the ever increasing number of Jews that would be returning to once again build up the Land.
And among these we here in Har Hevron have been blessed by the arrival of two ex-South African families who have come to put their roots down here in Eretz Yisrael.
Meet Boaz and Ariella Konig and their three sons ranging from 5 to 14 years of age. Since receiving their citizenship this past year, they have become part of the Maon community here in the Judean hills.
The Dvir family, Eitan, Elisheva and their four children made aliya in September 2013 and decided to settle in Sussya. How fitting it is for them to receive their welcoming baskets from Telfed on TuB’Shvat. Elisheva captured the essence of this day’s message to them as a family that has chosen to join themselves to Am Yisrael with the words from Amos 9:15: “And I will have them planted in their land, and never again will they be uprooted from their land which I have given them”.
May the tiny olive trees presented to the Dvir and Konig families on Tu B’Shvat always be a reminder to them of the other important message conveyed by this “minor” festival: We are told that on Tu B’Shvat the sap promising new growth begins to flow, and the roots of the barren trees are energized in preparation of a new cycle of life which occurs within the tree.
As olim they have the privilege of contributing to the growth of the amazing tree which is Am Yisrael, an olive tree which according to the prophet Hosea will “strike root”  and provide shade and revival  to all who sit under its branches.
May we all, but especially these two new olim families here in Har Hevron and all over the Land be invigorated by this message when the going gets tough.
Bruchim HaBa’im to Eretz Yisrael and Har Hevron !
By Yoana Yehudah
Planted, never to be uprooted again...

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