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Ulpan for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Registration invitation for students to ulpan -

to learn Hebrew And Israeli sign language


For many years, the Deaf Association has been operating an ulpan for new olim, deaf and hard of hearing, in Tel Aviv. This year, too, a class is opened at the Helen Keller House in Tel Aviv, with an expert teacher working with deaf and hard of hearing, an Israeli sign language speaker. The Ulpan is operated by the Association of the Deaf in Israel with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, the Jewish Agency for Israel and ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant absorption, within the framework of the rights of new olim.

As part of their studies, the students learn Hebrew, written and spoken, and Israeli sign language. They also enjoy the celebration of the Jewish holidays, the integration of social life and tradition, the connection with social clubs throughout the country, and tours and trips, to familiarize with the landscapes of the country and the Jewish heritage. In addition, a social coordinator at Helen Keller provides the students with a variety of services: assistance in exercising rights, counseling on personal and family matters, and employment counseling.

 In the first week of September 2018 will open a new class. The studies will take place twice a week, once in the afternoon and once in the morning, and open to students from all over the country.

It is recommended to arrange an introductory meeting with the teacher of the ulpan or the social worker. For further details and registration, please contact the undersigned below:

 Phone: 03-7303355 Mobile: 053-7005177 Fax: 03-7396419

Email:       or

 We will be happy if you forward it to other relevant parties,

Looking forward to see you,

 Noga Rabinovich, social worker

 Social Service Coordinator

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