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The Israeli job market

Israel employs the highest number of scientists per capita in the world, and it competes internationally in terms of innovation. With a highly-motivated and talented workforce, the Israeli job market is competitive.

Israel exports many high-end technologies and develops computer hardware, software and medical products. In addition to exportation, other important parts of Israel's economy include agriculture, finances, industry, telecommunications and tourism. Most jobs are in computer engineering, finances, research, medical and private professional services.

The Israeli job market is competitive, and more than a fifth of the population of Israel has a degree of some kind, and foreigners who do not have a university degree might not find a job easily. You will have to put a lot of effort into finding a job in Israel.

New olim find jobs in industries such as medicine, law, business, marketing, education and technology. The most popular jobs for foreigners are in the high-tech industry, which means that computer programmers and electrical engineers should be able to find jobs fairly easily. Other popular jobs for foreigners include sales and marketing personnel, accountants and financial representatives.

In professions like marketing, the more languages you speak (in addition to Hebrew and English), the more likely you will be hired.

Certified jobs in Israel

Most professions in Europe and North America are accepted in Israel. In many professions, you must be certified to be legally employed (e.g. nurse, lawyer, real estate agent).

Certification exams are difficult and are held in Israel, If you are thinking about aliyah, you may take your examination before you register for immigration.

For more information on your profession's certification requirements, consult our website.

Do you need to speak Hebrew?

If you apply to a foreign company, you might get a job without knowing Hebrew. Technical companies and electronics developers might hire you because much of the computer industry works in English. However, it is important to know Hebrew to communicate with your co-workers. Lack of Hebrew can be an obstacle and may create a glass ceiling that will prevent you from more advanced positions such as Team Leader etc.

Teaching English

Israel has a shortage of English teachers, and becoming an English teacher is a popular way for olim to get a job in Israel.


You need to be certified before you can be a teacher. Certificates are obtained from educational schools and the Ministry of Education has special fast-track programs to retrain academics and experienced teachers. Israel also accepts teaching certificates like the ones given by TEFL and TESOL.


Adapting your CV to Israeli Standards:

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The Journey of your Resume:




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