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The Partisans' Song and WE ARE HERE!

Telfed is excited to partner with WE ARE HERE, WITS Alumni and the Zionist Council in Israel in bringing our community together to learn from Eli Rabinowitz about The Partisans' Song. 

WE ARE HERE! The Education Program That Inspires.

The Partisans’ Song - Zog Nit Keynmol - Inspiration of the Warsaw Ghetto Fighters Bringing generations and communities together through the legacy of this powerful song.

Eli Rabinowitz, visiting from Perth, Australia, is taking us on a journey back to the centers of European Jewry, and will show how we can continue to commemorate and connect to our legacy.

Using the stories of the Jewish Partisans and the song - Zog Nit Keynmol, we are provided with role models for standing up with confidence and ability in the face of prejudice and oppression.

The words of Zog Nit Keynmol are translated into a universal message of hope and inspiration for all ……and now in 28 languages!

Read more about Eli:

Come, see and hear Eli’s presentation of his uplifting project:

WE ARE HERE! The Education Program That Inspires


Date: Sunday 23 June 2019                                                                        

Time: 19:45

Place:  Jewish Agency Building, 48 King George Street, Weizmann hall 3rd Floor


Entrance Cost: 15 NIS

Light refreshments will be served.                                                   


Date: Thursday 27 June 2019                                                                        

Time: 19:30

Place:  Telfed Boardroom, 19 Schwartz St., Ra'anana 


Entrance Cost: 15 NIS

Light refreshments will be served.        





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