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"SEEDS OF MY LIFE " by Albert Chiat

"SEEDS OF MY LIFE  " by Albert Chiat
Reviewed by his daughter – Michal Peleg

Telfed invited to Gvahim’s 60th Career Programme

Yael Strausz, Employment Advisor of TELFED, was invited to take part in the closing ceremony of Gvahim’s 60th Career Programme.

Jerusalem Representatives Meet with Telfed

From L-R: Ariela Siegel, Yael Strausz, Daniela Shapira,
Jason Roth, Yisrael Cohn, Michal Merten, Dana Ben Chail


Part-time positions at Telfed

Telfed, a non-profit organisation serving the Southern African, Australian and Dutch Olim communities in Israel, is seeking a 

Visit to the Israel Guide Dog Centre

Report on the visit to Rehovot by Michael Adler, a member of the visiting group:



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