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SASI Volunteer Day with Lone Soldiers

Students who are currently studying in Israel through Telfed's SASI programme (Southern Africans Studying in Israel) had an opportunity to participate in a wonderful volunteering day at HaBayit shel Benji – a residence for lone soldiers in Ra'anana.

Klita event - Navigating the Medical System in Israel

On Monday 17 December 2018 Telfed, together with Jay Hait, Adv., and Michelle Freedman, The Calming Coach, hosted a lecture in the Telfed boardroom in Ra'anana. The third talk in a series on 'Navigating your Klita in Israel' dealt with the topic 'Navigating the Medical System in Israel.'

Launching PRAS 2018/19

Mid-November marked the official start of the Pras Scholarship year with the annual opening gathering to kick-off the year. Held at the IDC in Herzliya, Pras students from across the country were joined by the ESP committee members and Telfed staff.

Annual Report - 70 Years of Service

To view the 2017-2018 Annual Report, click here (or download in high resolution here)

An online forum for South African Women in Israel

Earlier this year, South African Olah Cindy Sivan created an online forum on Facebook for South African women in Israel. After great demand to meet in person, a second gathering took place in November at the Telfed building in Ra'anana. Following the event, Cindy shared her thoughts with us: 



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