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'Who is afraid of the Z-word? Not me"

You are invited to attend a talk by prize-winning journalist, Barbara Sofer on the challenges of Zionism. 

When: 13 Sept 2018

Message from Rabbi Suchard

Since my arrival in Israel a few months ago one of the visits which I truly enjoyed, which lifted my spirits, was the shiur in Ranaana. Chonnie Romm together with Rav Dorron Kline, organized that I speak at a luncheon in the Telfed building. It was a pleasure to meet the crowd with so many South Africans and Sandtonians who came from even hours away to attend the shiur.

President Reuven Rivlin welcomes Telfed

Telfed Volunteers and Staff meeting with President Rivlin, Jerusalem - photo credit: Brian Spector

Jerusalem lecture: Employing Mandela


You are invited to attend this fascinating talk on

21 August 2018 at 19:45

Inspired by Sylvia Raphael

The South African Expat community in Israel can look with pride at the wide diversity of fields in which they have added to everyday life in Israel, during the 70 years of the existence of Telfed, and even before that, during the 30 years of the pre-state British Mandate era. 

Welcoming friends from the Zionist Federation of Australia

Yigal Sela, the Israeli representative of the ZFA, Daniela Shapira, Telfed Aliyah & Klita Advisor and Ginette Searle, the Executive Director of ZFA

Telfed Welcomes Australian Aliyah Advisor

From left to Right: Becky Kiper-Fox, ZFA Aliyah Advisor Melbourne and Daniela Shapira, Telfed Aliyah & Klita Advisor



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