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Chantal is a wife, mother, grandmother, Educational Psychologist and writer who is overjoyed about her recent aliyah and excited to share her experiences of our magnificent homeland.

Based-on-fact novel about a journalist’s search for truth, freedom, and revenge, through the dark days of apartheid and the First Intifada in Israel, grab producer’s attention.


I began work on the 1st of May 1978. After 5 months in the mercaz klita I was bored and ready to work and confident that the Hebrew I had learned was enough to get me through any situation. I found a job at a small engineering company in Jerusalem that had just been awarded the management of a new construction project running to hundreds of apartment buildings. I was a 46 year old site supervisor. The two partners in the firm were nice enough guys, slightly older than I and between them could raise twenty or so words in English. So when we spoke to each other they did a lot of nodding at my English and I nodded at their Hebrew, meaning no one understood anything.

Gloria with her medals and trophy at the Thursday night Smorgasbord buffet.

People make Aliyah for many different reasons, and it is not uncommon for people to emigrate due to difficulties in their homeland. On the other hand, not many people would be willing to give up and sell a very successful hotel and catering business, pack their bags and move their family to Israel. This is the story of Gloria and of her late husband Isaac Rootshtain.

For the first time, I had some idea of how desperate those early immigrants who came from Europe to Southern Africa in search of a better life on the gold and diamond fields must have been. How brave and courageous. How astounding their women were, having to cope with conditions they could never even have imagined.

Beverly Price is a contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited globally and worn by people such as Nelson Mandela. Her latest venture involves taking the drawings made by Israeli-Ethiopian children  and getting them crafted by local South Africans artisans into unique adornment pieces.

*Jerusalem Post

"I went through each verse of the Torah and considered its value for inclusion and then adjusted what I felt would be best to turn the parshah into a present tense version of the topic being discussed. This made it a living happening for anyone choosing to read it."

"I was brought up in Rhodesia and South Africa with strong values of being kind and caring towards all animals as well as nature and the environment."

"There was something about this book that was very different though. It is just so well written that it kept me riveted and absorbed from beginning to end even when reading the book for the 10th time."

As I read these words and the rest of the poem to Yehudit in the car, I was deeply moved. Until a few hours before I had not known Olga had written in English and then I suddenly wondered, had she written more work in English? Maybe also in Hebrew? What other surprises awaited me? Many, I would discover.

To read the full blog, Click HERE.

"Most people I have met have no idea what occupational therapy actually is, or if they do, their perception of the profession is usually limited. It was my grandfather, who opened the door for me to a world of the importance of empowering others to succeed to the optimum no matter what their limitation."

I’m an athlete and my focus is on my success on the mat, but I’m proud to represent my country all over the world, and even happier to do so when I’m successful,” Gili said following her medal-winning performance in Abu Dhabi.

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Abbe Kellner-Kutno made aliyah in July 2017, her private dental practice, founded with her two dental partners, opens its doors in Raanana in November 2017. Read about how she did it.



Tribute to a former madrich of Bnei Akiva, who passed away in November 2016 and is fondly remembered by those who knew him.

"We were the 120th pioneer family to come to Arad after making aliyah in 1963."

Over a musical career spanning more than 53 years, Rand musical virtuoso Benny Michel has played at more than 30,000 functions as band-leader and keyboard artist.

To read the formidable life story of this bigger than life character, click HERE.


“Telfed’s PRAS Programme has truly been a gift to our family. I did Sherut Leumi (national service) many years ago at Tehilla, an organization that helped new Olim with Aliyah related issues. Twenty years later, when the idea of someone else assisting my family arose, I was initially skeptical. I didn't realize how much my volunteering impacted on others, until we decided to join PRAS. "


Recently  Gili and Gadi Haimovitz (middle sons of Ron and Stephanie, grandchildren of Freda and Gabi Haimovitz,  Bella and Micky (z"l) Alswang ) returned from Moldova where they won the  silver and bronze medal in the Moldova Open Taekwondo 2017. 

"We understood that it was now time to prepare for an eminent war, as Abdul Nasser's closure of the Straits of Tiran, was casus belli."

Click HERE to read the full article written by Mickey Blumberg.

Herman was the son of Sadie and Jack Hirschmann of Pietersburg.

He came to Israel at the age of nineteen in 1957 with the Machal group from South Africa as a volunteer to  the IDF and served in Nachal. During his training he suffered a severe head injury as a result of a shooting accident.

The ‘romance’ between the pioneering Jews in Southern Africa and the State of Israel, goes back long before Israel’s independence in 1948...

Learn all you need to know about the Amazing histpry between the two countries...

"If you'd told me six months ago I'd be writting this column from Israel as a new immigrant, I'd have said you must have the wrong person"...

"Let us recall, thanks to this book, the history of the Jewish country communities in the northern part of South Africa from the first pioneers, who came from England and Germany, then from Lithuania and Latvia, at the end of the 18th Century until their demise at the end of the 20th Century."

"I am truly happy, and after all this time I have done so much."

These are Byron's own inspirational words to describe his incredible Journey as an Oleh. 

"We were first introduced when I was but a young child - not yet old enough to appreciate all your intricacies, but just young enough to be utterly enchanted by your mysteriousness."

"Both choirs performed a number of liturgical pieces with emphasis on texts for the upcoming Yamim Noraim (e.g. Zacharti Lach and Yaaleh Tahanuneinu by Lewandovsky and Avinu Malkeinu by Yanovsky) and Israeli songs."

"We have got our 2nd Lieutenant". The first time I saw him, he was standing at the side of the road where we had fallen in line"...

To read more about Stories and Pictures of Machal / Nachal from 1956 till 1966 kindly provided by Joe Woolf, read this fascinating Blog Post.

"When I was growing up in South Africa, our Jewish Day School had a draconian dress code"...



"On the fourth night of Chanukah, in the company of representatives of his children, grandchildren, and grandchildren, my father, Dennis Senator- Lipman, received a medal on behalf of the State of Israel awarded to, and in recognition of the 1,500,000 Jewish soldiers who fought against Nazi Germany in the World War 2."

To discover this smart young lady with a great personality from South Africa who is currently studying in Israel at the IDC, make sure to read the article (in Hebrew) from Mako.

"Today Israel is in mourning. We bow our heads for our beloved Shimon Peres z”l, who has passed away at 93.  He was the last of our original founding fathers and a true icon."

Attorney Yaacov Epstein has written a series of fascinating and useful articles by the name of: "The Ins and Outs of Real Estate in Israel". These articles focus on what to know before buying an apartment in Israel, how can a none-Israeli resident save tax payment when buying an apartment in Israel and so much more.

Don't wait any longer and make sure to read the selection of articles offered below:

  • "Letter of Intent" is it a good idea? (Click Here)
  • Nine Things to know before purchasing an Apartment on the Open Market (Click Here)
  • Seven points you should consider before you sell an apartment (Click Here)
  • How can foreign Residents Buy or Sell Real Estate in Israel without paying Israeli Real Estate Taxes? (Click Here)

It’s taken nearly 30 years but finally, Paul Charney is back in Africa. And it’s safe to say that the 15-year-old who left Johannesburg for Israel with his parents in the early 1990s never imagined he’d be honored by the president of Gambia for his humanitarian work.

"Just before Rosh Hashanah last year I returned from East Africa having spent almost two weeks with a team of medical personal and climbers from Israel’s “Save a Child’s Heart”(SACH) young leadership team (  I was honoured to witness first-hand the ability of Israel to affect the world for good. "

This Year's Rosh Chodesh Elul is the third since my Beloved Mother Z"L Devorah (Dawn) Nates passed away. She was an incredibly vibrant and generous woman, a true Aishet Chayil. Though her time with us was cut short, she did leave us with many treasures and is in so many ways still here with us, giving. She started and was involved in numerous community projects and through these actions lives on today.
By Yael Tessler

"A letter to the Editor"...  A reply to the Alena Lourie Tribute  by Stephen Darori 

Sol Liebgott was a popular and influential figure in the South African Jewish community. Successful businessman, Zionist leader and devoted family man, he was the ultimate raconteur. Nobody could tell a story like him. His wry sense of humor infused every tale. He knew many people, witnessed many historic events and lived a long and productive life. This rich background is woven into the stories that make up this book.

Sol was born in Dagda, Latvia in 1915 and immigrated to South Africa with his parents in 1922. At every stage of his life he was active in community work and served as Chairman of the South African Zionist Federation from 1969 to 1972.

Most of these anecdotes relate to Sol's own experiences; others are stories he heard and adopted into his repertoire. They are timeless, warm and often extremely funny.

Sol moved to Israel in 1972 and there too he was active in public and charitable causes. He died in 2011 at the age of 96 after a long and meaningful life.

How to Obtain the Book:

         Estimated cost NIS50 including postage (in Israel).

Written by Bernard Lerer.

by Batya Jaspan, March 2002

The first place where gold was discovered in South Africa was in the Eastern Transvaal in 1868 and in Pilgrim's Rest in 1873. A few years after the end of the Second Anglo-Boer war in 1910, my father Baruch Dredzen came from Latvia to Johannesburg and after a few years started a store in Pilgrim's Rest, serving the local mine workers and the small village that was developing. Traveling salesmen would become one of the main links with the outer world. The Jewish salesmen would be the connection with the other Jewish communities of Sabie, Lydenberg, Nelspruit, Graskop and other small isolated stores and families in the area. In the early thirties it was decided to build a synagogue in Pilgrim's Rest, to serve also nearby Graskop and the small outlying families of the area. There were 10 Jewish families living in the area at that time.When looking through a list of Synagogues in Southern Africa  in the S.A.-SIG website, I recalled the Synagogue of the Pilgrim's Rest Jewish Community of the Eastern Transvaal. There is no synagogue there now, but I, Batya Jaspan, née Celia Dredzen, and my cousin Ronnie Dredzen were born in Pilgrims Rest and know some of the story of this community. My Aliyah was in 1949 to Kibbutz Tzora together with my husband, Zvi. Ronnie, son of Lazer and Lily Dredzen, came to Israel with his wife June (Shefts) in 1998, to Bet Shemesh, which is adjacent to Tzora...

"The families of Garin Alon Etzion who made Aliyah from South Africa to Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion 43 years ago, were honored at the Yom Haatzmaut ceremony of the Yishuv Alon Shvut."


"Every city has its sounds, rhythms and pace that you either get used to or don’t. Jerusalem’s hullabaloo is radically different from the highway traffic of Johannesburg, or the fresh sea breezes of Sydney. Sounds don’t lie. Jerusalem is the orchestra pit of Judaism, Christianity and Islam."

To read the full blog post, Click HERE.

The views and opinions expressed in the Blog are not necessarily those of the South African Zionist Federation (Israel) and are personal commentaries submitted by community members, reflecting their personal opinions or viewpoints.  SAZF (Israel) is not responsbile for articles which appear therein.

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"Today, I drove down my old street in Johannesburg blasting Derech Hashalom with the windows wide open. It was not because I have a particular affinity to Peer Tasi, nor was it because I think that the Glenhazel roads would greatly benefit from my rowdy behavior."

To read Yaffa's full article published in The Times of Israel, click HERE.

"I was living in Israel expecting my third child thirty years ago when I heard the news that you had left us. It was on Shabbat Nachamu – the Shabbat of comfort."

Walking into university to face a long day of studies in the early hours of the morning is a nightmare for most people, but for me, it is an experience I look forward to daily. 

Gina Jacobson muses about public transport in Israel.  See Gina Jacobson's full online blog at

Article first appeared in Sunday’s edition of the Johannesburg Sunday Times.
Eliezer Berland, who has been on the run since 2012, evaded arrest near Johannesburg this month. A fugitive rabbi on the run from Interpol has issued a death threat against the chief rabbi of South Africa, Warren Goldstein. The threat, made by followers of the Jewish sect’s leader in his name and on his website, has rattled the South African Jewish community.

Telfed Media Committee Chairperson, Rolene Marks',  latest blog post, a beautiful tribute to the great Golda Meir entitled, "Dear Golda."

Desert Rose Productions present "Together against the Odds" - a musical comedy about Aliyah by Grant Crankshaw and Daniella Roman. When a naïve, South African, Methodist boy meets a sassy, Israeli,Jew-“ish” girl and they move to Israel, fun is sure to follow. See dates of performances here.

Martine Alperstein offers 18 thoughts, one for each of her 18 years in Israel!

Morris and Ettie Silber of Johannesburg are making Aliya to join their children and grandchildren in Israel. Morris (89) and Ettie (85) are fulfilling their lifetime dream of living in the Holy land. They will be staying with their children, Alan and Diane Silber and grandchildren, Yishai, Danit, Batsheva and Michal.

Outline of new Israel Transport Tariff reform.

Former Pretorian, singer-songwriter Zac Hilon is Unforgettable, the musical powerhouse behind the sold out, 90-minute 1960s and 1970s inspired tour de force show that’s made global headlines. Zac is also devoted to charity work  and traveled to South Africa in October to perform at a breast cancer awareness fundraiser, Dress 4 Life hosted by Blue Note Events, which featured a documentary and fashion show endorsed by cancer survivor and breast cancer awareness advocate Addi Lang.

Published author, Maurice Fluxman, recalls his early days with the Bnei Zion Movement and provides some fascinating historical insights whilst doing so.

Gina Jacobson reflects on her first year of living in Israel. "This last year has been amazing. I’ve learned so many new things. In particular how strong our family is. Moving to a new country is stressful and our family could have been torn apart but we have only become stronger and closer."

You are welcome to the new website to learn Hebrew, developed by two student volunteers:  Isaac Pinchasov, (26) fourth-year student of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University from Nes Ziona and Gai Ben Moshe (26) from Gan Yavne,  fourth-year student of Software Engineering at Ben Gurion in Be'er Sheba. The website is free for the first 5000 students.

Israel is doubling its rent assistance to new immigrants starting next month, its first increase in 15 years. The increase is vital as rental prices soar.


Jonathan Danilowitz talks "food" in Israel and invites you to try out a wonderful new "market" Restaurant in Ramat Hasharon,  “Reichot Ve’Ta’amim”.

Candace Rudolph, an Olah from Cape Town is offering a unique and potentially life-altering service to elderly or disabled people who may find it difficult to get around and complete essential daily tasks such as shopping, going to the bank and performing other errands.

UK Celebrity Foot-reader, Jane Sheehan, arrives in Israel and will be offering workshops here in the near future.  Tickets for the Israel seminars in November 2016 are available from


SAZF Tribute to Maurice Ostroff.

Nicci Diamond-Levenstein's beautiful tribute to much-missed, Russell Gaddin z"l.

David E.Kaplan offers his tribute to a "giant" of a man, Maurice Ostroff Z"L.

Rolene Marks, Head of the Telfed media committee offers her tribute to Maurice Ostroff z"l who passed away today (30 November 2015): "today Israel lost a true gentleman, mensch and warrior for our country."  

“When the United States Declaration of Independence stated that ‘All men are created equal’, that did not include people of color, it did not include women, and it did not include the LGBTI community. The USA has dared to redefine ‘equal’ and the change has been extraordinary.” Randy W. Berry, Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons.

Read more in this blog...

Yarin Weltsman, a young Olah from South Africa, shares her feelings following the Shabbat project and an inspiring Telfed Youth Weekend in Tzfat.

BLOGGER Sarah Sassoon is a freelance writer, Jewish thinker and wandering Jew, emigrating from Sydney, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa and finally making Aliyah to Jerusalem with her family this summer, in 2015. 
In this blog entitled "The hardest thing about Aliyah" Sarah humourously states that the hardest thing about Aliyah is the laundry!
Israel's Good News Newsletter to 8th Nov 2015
In the 8th Nov 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:
·         An Israeli method for early-detection of secondary cancer can save many lives.
·         Israeli doctors are in Romania, treating victims of a huge nightclub fire.
·         The joint China-Israel “water city” project has been launched.
·         Israel has both the best hotel and the best bar in the Middle East.
·         Simply Red are to perform in Tel Aviv.
·         A fortress from 2nd Temple times has been excavated in Jerusalem.

Jonathan Danilowitz shares his reactions to Islamic terror.

The fascinating life story of Sinai Rome.

Remembering David "Migdal" Teperson, a giant of a man in every sense of the world.

Jewish Leadership comments on Hamas visit to SA

From the blog of Telfed Media Committee Chairperson, Rolene Marks.  A powerful blog sharing her views on the current situation.

An open letter to the community from represesntative of SAJBD and SAZF in response to the ANC directive advising against travel to Israel.

Richard Shavei-Tzion, a volunteer at Telfed, invites you to a solo exhibition of his photography "Light from the Depths" (Dead Sea Series) at the Jerusalem Municipal Gallery (see below). The exhibition is in partnership with The Malki Foundation  (an invaluable source of support to Israeli families who choose to care for their special-needs child in the family home) and all income from sales will go to them. 

Richard Shavei-Tzion pours out hearflet words about the current situation in Israel. 

A series of 27 stand alone English lectures (plus one Field Trip on 8th October) of no more than one & a quarter hours each covering biblical, historical, cultural & contemporary topics.
All the lectures are on Thursdays starting 15 October at the 7 Stars Retirement Home, 138 Hanassi Street Herzliya Pituach at 11am.

8 ways to calm children during the wave of violence. Advice from Ynet.

Contact numbers to call in the case of emergenices.

Advice on how to attend to a stab wound should you G-d forbid be in the situation.

A couple of weeks before the chaggim, South African job seekers were treated to a workshop given by Mr. Ron Bowman, President of the Dale Carnegie College in Israel. 

Tired of only hearing bad news from Israel?  This blog compiled by Michael Ordman will open your eyes to all the good things going on in Israel at the moment - and thankfully there are many!

There has been much controversy surrounding the unsolicited and unwarranted statement by an ANC official Obed Bapela in the Sunday Times of the 6th September 2015 that South Africa would be “prohibiting” dual citizenship. The connotation in this newspaper article was that Israel and specifically South African young men who are serving in the IDF could be prosecuted. Attorney Julian Pokroy helps to clear up some of the confusion in this helpful memorandum. 

Avraham Mordechai (Monye) Himelstein earned an outstanding reputation in the fields of conducting, composition and arrangement of music for cantor and choir. He also taught Bar Mitzvah to many young men in Johannesburg in the 1950’s, ‘60’s and 70’s. His compositions have been compiled in two new books: Shirei Tefillah LaChazan and Shirei Tefillah LaMenatzeach and were edited and arranged by his son, Lior Himelstein.

These books are both available for purchase on

Blogger and former Australian, Sarah Sassoon, grew up in Sydney Australia and married a South African. She recently immigrated from Johannesurg with her husband and four boys to Jerusalem. In this blog, first published in Times of Israel, she speaks about getting "ready" for Rosh Hashana in every sense of the word! If you are interested in having your views and thoughts featured on our website, please email

You are cordially invited to attend an evening of reminiscence for all those who’s lives were touched by the late Rabbi NM Bernhard, on his yahrzeit, ח' תשרי – Sunday, September 20th.

Blogger and former Australian, Sarah Sassoon, grew up in Sydney Australia and married a South African.She recently immigrated from Johannesurg with her husband and four boys to Jerusalem. Her blog is about making Aliyah. Sharing the highs and the lows of a journey that’s a shared dream. Of not really knowing what’s going to happen along the way. On the blog post shown here she speaks eloquently about the trials and tribulations of "going back to school".

Hanan Baradon offers a personal recollection of the late David Golding z"l.

Remembering with affection the late Morris Borsuk z"l

The Mosenson Youth Village in Hod Hasharon is looking for families who would be willing to open their homes and their hearts to the 100 students from South Africa, the United States, Canada and Europe that will be attending the school this year. 

Fondly remebering the late David Golding   ז"ל.

Ronny Golding`s obituary to his dear brother. 

Ex-Southern African, Jeff Geffen devoted 48 years of his life to promoting and fostering the Israeli badminton industry in Israel in general, and in Ashdod in particular. He recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award "Yakir Maccabi" from the “Maccabi” Sport organization for his contribution to Israeli badminton. 
As the sole collector of recyclable frames for Israelis, RE-SPECS Frames for the Needy steps in to address the problem of lack of access by Israel's underprivileged population to correct eye-wear.  Re-specs both collects and uses surplus glasses frames from Israel and abroad for distribution to needy people in Israel.

Read the SAZF Official statement in response to Deputy Minister Obed Bapela’s attack on student visitors to Israel here.

Fondly remebering Zelma Epstein.  A sad loss for all who knew her- one of her core values was that of ‘family’ and she believed in the power and strength in unity.  She will be sorely missed.

It is always such a pleasure to hear your successful Aliyah stories which inspire all of us! If you have a story to tell please email

In the meantime, you can read about Danny and Jill Herczeg here. The Herczeg's came to Israel from South Africa with two small children in February 1973, and a few months later found themselves in the middle of the Yom Kippur War. In the 40 years that followed they have enjoyed many adventures, suffered some hardships and experienced quite a few more wars. Read on..

A fascinating 5-part YouTube presentation detailing the history of the SA Jewish Community. Worth watching if you have time.

Haaretz offers Southern African and Australian Olim discounted rates for subscriptions to the newspaper.  Don't miss this great offer!

One family, three kids all currently serving in the army.  Kol hakavod - we, the Southern African Community in Israel, join your parents in feeling so very proud of your service to our beautiful country!  May G-d bless you and Keep you safe.

Howard Feldman's humourous Times of Israel blogHoward Feldman is a lawyer, a physical commodity trader by industry and a writer by obsession. He is very activein the Jewish community and passionate about our world.

South African motivational speaker, Braam Malherbe and author of the acclaimed book "The Great Run" will be speaking in Israel for the first time on 31 May at Airport City.  Dont miss this!

Can you help the people of Nepal?

Following the devastating eathquake in Nepal last week, Teddy Saitowitz contacted Roshan Khanal of the Nepalese Embassy in Tel Aviv to see how we can help. She has responded that tents, New blankets, dry foods and small mattresses are currently in high need in Nepal. Collection boxes for these items will be placed in the storeroom of the Telfed building (ground floor) 19 Schwartz Street, Raanana from Sunday 10th May. Anything you can bring from the list above will be a help - Teddy is arranging for the shipment to go to Nepal.Thank You!

"What days those were. Filled with dreams, with passion, with the desire to change the world and be changed ourselves; the "Movement" days.
Each one of us was changed. The world, well, that is another question".
Join us for an extraordinary five days in Israel where we will revisit our dreams and look at the dreams and realities of today. (See full program below).

A group of ten Olim from South Africa arrived in Israel this Month and were warmly greeted and assisted at the airport by Telfed chairman, Dave Bloom.  We wish them all בהצלחה in whatever path they choose and they do know that Telfed will be there to assist them along the way.


Transcript of a question and answer session with Jeff Broide (CPA) of Broide and co. for the radio show "The Gelt Show" with Douglas Golstein, on the highly pertinent subject of the new Income Tax Amnesty.

“Tuesday in Suspenders” or “Shlishi B’Shlaykes” or “שלישי בשל''יקס” is an initiative of the Ministry for Senior Citizens and the “Style Consumers Club Operators”.  The programme offers special discounts to senior citizens on Tuesdays throughout the country. Any senior citizen with a Senior Citizen’s ID card (granted to women aged 62 and up and men aged 67 and up), can take part. 

Howard Feldman's Blog post for Times of Israel about Israel's refusal to offer South African Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, a visa to enter "Palestine".

Ben Levitas, Chairman of the SA ZONIST FEDERATION (Cape Council) writes a very erudite article about why Israel refused entry to South African Cabinet Minister Blade Nzimande.

Ulpan classes available at the Telfed Building in Raanana taught by expert, South-African born tutor, Lani Margolis. Several levels available.

For more details or to register for a class visit the website at : or call +972-73-796-2228.

Students at the Universtiy of Cape Town awoke Wednesday to images of Adolf Hitler and swastikas plastered over buildings on campus.

Article Curtesy of Times of Israel.

The SAJBD joins with the rest of South Africa in mourning the tragic and untimely death of one of our great young leaders, Minister Collins Chabane.

This week, UJ students experienced at first hand the bullying, intolerant tactics of the BDS movement when a lecture by Palestinian human rights activist Bassim Eid had to be discontinued.


Well worth reading this thought-provoking article by Geoff Sifrin from the South African Jewish Report.

Telfed, togther with the Southern African community in Israel, was saddended to learn of the passing of Senior Citizens Minister Uri Orbach (haBayit Hayehudi) on Monday.  May his Memory be for a blessing.

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) wishes to advise the Media that the Jewish community, together with like-minded South Africans who abhor the importing of hate and the glorification of terrorism into this country, will be demonstrating against BDS-South Africa for inviting convicted terrorist, Leila Khaled to South Africa

The demonstration will take place on 13 February, 8.30am, 6 Spin Street, Cape Town, CBD

Need some help understanding the correct procedure for voting in the 17th March 2015 Elections in Israel? Click through to the following link, kindly provided by our expert Aliyah and Klita Advisor, Susan Sharon, to access a very clear guide to the election process IN ENGLISH


"Rank and File" article from Haaretz Online, compiled by Steven Klein, includes a piece about the Telfed Student Volunteer awards.

Of special interest to all present and former Southern Africans!
The following book, newly published:
The legendary saga of the life and times of one of South Africa's greatest, but relatively unknown, Jewish sons, Isaac Ochberg (1878-1937).
Daniella Tannenwald  of Modi'in shares her heartwearming story of what some of the residents of Modiin did to show their gratitude to the Soldiers fighting on our behalf in the summer war of 2014, Operation Protective Edge. 
Tova Herzl draws on her twenty-one year career and shares her unique experiences as a single, Orthodox Jewish woman serving as Israel’s Ambassador to paint a vivid, entertaining picture of the lives and work of contemporary diplomats.

Bella's sister, Sybil Shapiro, offers this moving tribute to her sister.  Several of Bella's friends and family have written fondly about their loved one.

Roy Susman responds to Ronnie Feldman's personal reflections on the Telfed trip to the South, offering some factual corrections.
The Testimony of Mr. Leon Schwartz (of Modiin, Israel, and formerly of Johannesburg, South Africa). Having recently passed the yartzheit date of Leon, his widow, Shirley Schwartz, thought it would be fitting to publish his Testimony of how he survived the Second World War.

Eli Rabinowitz's personal blog about Jewish life and travel. Includes links to 23 Kehilot - many of which are of South African towns such as Cape Town, Muizenberg, Stellenbosch, Oudtshoorn, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Germiston, Pietersburg and Witbank.  Take a look.


A fascinating Editorial from well-respected online Magazine "Commentary" about the need for Zionism after the recent Paris attacks.

Book Review “The Rolnick Chromosomes – The Global Dispersion of the Rolnicks of Lithuania” by Professor Wilfred Stein

The Truth be Told (TbT) Committee met with inspring Cape Town-based Lawyer and Head of the South African Lawyers for Israel group at Beit Protea this week.  David presented a fascinating overview of the SA Jewish Lawyers for SA and the current legal issues occupying their focus.

The contribution of South Africans to rugby in Israel.

Labelling Israel as an apartheid state and heeding the call to boycott it only hurts the cause of peace in the Middle East, writes Steve Linde

At 51, local folk singer debuts original songs

Nearly 40 years after first picking up a guitar, singer/songwriter Liane Shalev releases her first album entitled "Free"

The release of her first album at 51 years old is the culmination of a long-time dream for Liane Shalev, an ex-South African now living in the Western Galilee, Israel. 

Finishing high school in another country without your parents takes courage, and not many 14- and 15-year-olds are willing to do so. Yet, every year hundreds of teens – including many siblings – move to Israel to participate in the exclusive Naale Elite Academy program


The Shabbos Project: Jews Worldwide Keeping This Shabbos Together

This Friday, millions of Jews in 340 cities around the world will be 'keeping it together.' The 7th day. Shabbat.


Source :

"Many Jews in our country are deeply troubled by the actions of Israel and the human rights abuses which are inflicted on Palestinians," Leonard Shapiro, spokesman for the South African Jewish Voices for a Just Peace, said

A Jews under attack by use of political anti-Semitism (a-S) as Alliance exploit wave of tensions. ANC WC head’s ‘nose-picking’ Jews; ‘Shoot the Jew’ at Wits; Ehrenreich invites Jews supporting Israel to leave SA; ANCYL picket SAJBD conference; Mantashe calls Israel’s founding a ‘crime against humanity’; Noo Gov’t condemnation; Jewry gets private assurance “a-S will not be tolerated”; Not since Nazis has SA Jewry felt more threatened; Strong parallels of political a-S or ‘politics against the Jews’ as when Nazis came close to annihilation of Jewry. מה לעשות?
by CHUCK VOLPE | Oct 08, 2014

Aliya – August 1948

As remembered by Sydney Lossin  (nee Brunow/Yudelman)

This summer has been my most difficult. I lost the person who brought me into this world, the one who guided me unwaveringly on my present path even though at times it was with some kicking and screaming.

Am Yisrael Chai


In Memoriam - Bella Jellin

It’s that time of the year again:  The children of Har Hevron are in the throws of the long summer holiday and all it has to offer. Living in a yishuv, that means loads of fun and organized activities such as participating in excursions, arts and crafts projects, sports events and the all round favorite of course, an “al ha-esh/BBQ” event whenever possible. 


Ancient Sussya awaits your visit! The ruins of the “old” are being given a new lease on life, so to speak, by the Visitor Centre’s bustling activities in the midst of all the newly established communities in this region 

A cave in the southern Judean Hills’ region of Har Hevron….that’s  where it all began! In 2006 Elad and Naava Movshovitz  set out in true pioneering spirit to start producing wine.

There was a deep sadness in Eilat - Adv. Shai Newstead has passed away

“She (Avigail) was riding on the ass and going down a trail,
when David and his men appeared, coming down toward her; 
and she met with them.” (1 Samuel 25:20)

"The Call Of Africa is  Heard in Brooklyn"  is on sale at Telfed for 85 Shekels per book.

Postage within Israel: an additional 15 Shekels per book



GLIL YAM, ISRAEL – Kotarim International Publishing, Ltd. is proud to announce the release of their latest title, Rise&Shine: A personal development journal toward awakening self-discovery and inspired living, by Andi Saitowitz. The book is targeted toward people of all walks of life from business, family, or personal spheres.

Baruch Dayan Haemet - “Gveret Hatchuel has passed away”

A warm welcome to family Konig

Tu B’Shvat 5774 … and what a privilege it is for us living in the Land to observe this “minor” festival with its profound twofold message.

My Father, Eric Katz, was born in Frankfort Germany in1906. As part of the family tradition he was presented with 2 Kiddush Cups by his grandparents (on both sides of the family!) both suitably inscribed. These cups, as well as a Menorah and an Etrog box were smuggled out of Germany by my grandparents inside specially baked cakes in 1936 when they left Germany for South Africa.

Welcome to The Israel App, your personal tour guide, digital guidebook and friendly travel companion.

When Moshe sent the spies to scout the Land of Canaan they were specifically instructed to “Go up there into the Negev and on into the hill country…” as recorded for us in Numbers 13:17.

Hertzel Katz, aged  81,  from Ramat Hasharon/Herzlia, was born in Benoni and attended school where the motto emblazoned on the badge was “We Consider Others”. This he internalized and it became his passion and philosophy.

Are the White people in South Africa facing an apocalypse in the near future?
There is a group of Afrikaans-speaking White South Africans who believe that they are …and sooner than we think! They call them selves ‘Die Suidlanders” literally ‘The South People’ although the name, they claim, comes from The Bible, Book of Chronicles.

The world is not only getting smaller – it’s getting hungrier, too!

As loyal South Africans, who have made a disproportionate contribution to the well-being of South Africa, I and my colleagues at the Cape Board of the Zionist Federation, wish to voice our dissatisfaction with the consistent attacks on Israel’s internal policies, and on it alone being singled out for failure to reach an accord with the Arabs

SA Jewish Board of Deputies respond to SA Minister     
The South African Jewish community is surprised and disappointed by International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane’s comments regarding South Africa’s relationship with Israel. According to media reports, Minister Mashabane stated on Friday that her government’s policy is not to engage with Israel at the ministerial level until progress has been made in advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and addressing Palestinian grievances. 

On Sunday, November 3, 2013 12:55 AM, South Africa Israel Public Affairs Committee <> wrote:

Sleepless in Gonwandaland (Gone Wonderland)

Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane can't sleep because of what is happening in Israel? What utter nonsense and dramatic infantile over-expression of utter pretentious emotive bullshit! Who does she think she is impressing? Certainly not intelligent people, but then, maybe they are not her target market.

On 31 באוק 2013, at 21:14, South Africa Israel Public Affairs Committee <> wrote:

Free Barghouthi….. With every box of Rice Krispies

In his propagandistic message to South Africa on the 29th October 2013, timed to coincide with Ahmed Katrada’s inventive and spurious, but hardly original campaign to have him released, Marwan Barghouthi writes,” Freedom is not negotiable”, referring to his imprisoned self and fellow terrorists, but the murder of Israelis and Jews obviously is. To be sentenced to five life sentences plus forty years is hardly something to be easily dismissed and forgotten.

ANNETTE MILLINER-GILADI  (member of Telfed Directorate and Executive Council) is sitting Shiva for her Brother LEONARD KATZ WHO PASSED AWAY VERY SUDDENLY ON 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2013 at his home in Ottawa, Canada.

New realease by Prof. Joe Borman

Adding to the Krugersdorp history saga; Joe Borman has just published a book of his life and the life in Krugersdorp.


Read the riveting, personal story of our very own triathlon Champion: Gordon Bloch!

The leader's interactions with his country's tiny Jewish minority ranged from supportive to hostile.


May 28, 2013
Tzvi Hirsch Schewach Glaser
December 20th 2013, according to the Hebrew calendar, will mark 88 years since Tzvi Hirsch Schewach Glaser died in Jerusalem and was buried on the Mount of Olives. When Hirsch came to Jerusalem in 1924 to spend his last years in Jerusalem, with the intention of being buried on the Mount of Olives, he couldn’t have dreamt that 88 years later his descendants would be gathering at the Mount of Olives by his gravestone and honoring his memory.

Updating Telfed Database –boring, would you say?
Well for us this task is of vital importance...

Ben Gurion once declared that, for Israel to survive, we have to go South... !
We would therefore like to invite you to come and travel with us, once a week, due south from Jerusalem...


Happy 65th Birthday Israel and may we just say that you have never looked so fabulous! You are becoming more attractive as you age and this year as we celebrate a milestone year; let us look at some of the things that make you as special as you are.


Dr Rose Lerer Cohen reccounts the detailed research she'd done to bring to light the history of the South African Jews of Lithuania


South African organisation facilitates Aliyah for Australians

The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) has signed an arrangement with Telfed, the South African Zionist Federation’s Israeli arm, to facilitate immigration for Australian olim.



‘Tis the season to cause folly? Hot off the trail of Israel Apartheid Week, a global festival of anti-Israel invective that appears on University campuses around the world that extols the “virtues” of boycotts, has come a flurry of anti-Israel activity, compliments of the BDS movement.

Dear  Editor,

As the Israeli-born daughter of parents who left Cape Town and came on Aliya in September 1961, I am aware of the very positive contribution made by so many ex South Africans to Israeli society – in the fields of medicine, education, the Israeli Air-force, etc, and in particular in "volunteering ", setting an outstanding example to others.

Calling all Pink Floyd fans! It is time we demand that the band reunites. It is clear that

Roger Waters needs a hobby besides letter writing and Israel bashing.


While the anti-Semites pitched their usual lies, distortions during IAW, an inspiring new leadership in Cape Town pitched a tent, preached peace.

Over 100 former members of the Zimbabwe Jewish Community (ZJC) gathered for a reunion in Cape Town recently and cries of “hello howzit - haven’t seen you for ages, hey” and “geepiz creepiz – where have you been for the last 40 years” were heard.

Feb. 25, 2013 - Rabbi Boteach’s blog “Getting the Apartheid-Israel Equation Right” covers a number of interesting if contentious points. He certainly does dispel some of the Apartheid accusations leveled against Israel and raises important issues like the conditions of dhimmitude that Jews lived under in Arab land which were tantamount to Apartheid, but he also makes some unfounded accusations against the South African Jewish community.

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