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Telfed Volunteer Hall of Fame 2015



1. Allan Feinblum - Joint Winner!

Allan has been actively involved  in communal affairs for over 40 years, including serving on the SA Zionist Youth Council.  He coordinated the raising of funds and building of King David (Sandton) in SA and served on the SA Board of Jewish Education.  He has been involved in almost every aspect of Telfed’s activities in the past decade, sitting on the Executive Council and Directorate. Allan brings to Telfed a strong sense of values, a wicked sense of humor and a fearless attitude!

2.  Joe Hallis - Joint Winner!

Joe has been the dedicated Chairman of Isrentco (The Israel Company for the Rental of Apartments to Olim) for the past 10 years.  He has played a pivotal role in the success of the Telfed housing projects in Modi’in & Hadera.  In addition to this, he is a member of the Telfed Executive Council, Telfed Investment Committee and Telfed Directorate. 

1.  Tessa Lashansky - Winner!
Tessa initiated the “Gemach Simchat Eliraz” for those in need (named after Eliraz Peretz  z”l ). She distributes clothes, bedding, toys, household goods, small electrical appliances and food. The “Gemach” provides children with school supplies & Chanukkah gifts.  
2. Richard Shavei-Tzion
Richard is the Director of Jerusalem’s Ramatayim Men’s Choir and serves as a Ba’al Tefillah in Israel and overseas.  He is an accomplished, published poet and an exhibited photographer.  Richard is the author of the “Prayer for the Preservation of the Environment” which has been read in synagogues around the world.
3. Dr. Michael Adler

Michael is a retired Orthopedic Surgeon.  He organises tours as part of the Technology Travel Group (TTG), which has over 500 members and has gained wide acceptance amongst our community.  Michael promotes greater awareness of Israel’s magnificent technological achievements and is a great fan of Israel's countryside.


1. Joshua Brook - Joint winner!
Joshua made Aliyah in 2011 and volunteers for the “Bnei Akiva” Youth Movement. He also volunteers at the “Lone Soldiers Centre in Memory of Michael Levin” where he acts as an advisor to lone soldiers during their army service. 
2. Ariel Aronowitz - Joint winner!

Only 15 years old and already a winner! Ariel made Aliyah in 2011 and attends the “Bnei Akiva” Yeshiva in Modiin.  He is a participant in the firefighting volunteer group in Lod.

1. Beryl Schmidt - Winner!
Beryl is the Chairperson of the Telfed Rishon Le’Zion regional committee which helps all Southern Africans in Rishon and surrounding towns.  She tirelessly organises social events and functions. She is a member of the English speaking council of the Rishon Le’Zion Municipality and she greatly assisted Telfed in its 2014 fundraising campaign.
2. Annette Milliner-Giladi
Annette is a Member of the Telfed Executive Council and Board of Governors.  She served as Chairperson of the Telfed Loans & Assistance committee, Aliyah & Klita committees and Aliyah Projects committee.  She worked with the late Judge Herbstein to establish Trust Funds administered by Telfed, for the benefit of university students and those in need.  She is also one of only very few recipients of Telfed's most prestigious Yakir Telfed Award (2012).
3. Leslie Henan
Leslie provides weekly English lessons for Adults from the Ethiopian community in the Maksam Centre, Hadera.  He helps to prepare pupils at Alon High School in Ramat Ha’Sharon for their oral English matric exam.  He also volunteers once a week at the Feurstein Institute’s Kfar Saba branch and teaches English to accident victims.  In addition to all that he still finds the time to run a “current affairs group” of 90-100 year olds at Beth Protea and works with a group of invalid youngsters in Kfar Shmaryahu. 
4. Jeffrey Kaplan
Jeff undertakes photographic and video work for Maksam, TECI and Telfed. He provides technical support for the TECI poster programme and website and assembled computers from various donors for Maksam.  Jeff has an amazing ability to relate to his subjects (particularly the kids at Maksam) and they love to see him and pose for his camera.
5. Issy Kramer
Isy initiated and leads weekly English lessons for Adults from the Ethiopian community in the Maksam Centre, Hadera.  He develops the syllabus and creates study materials.  Issy
exhibits remarkable determination and commitment to the pupils despite challenging circumstances.
6. Charlotte Wiener
Charlotte serves as Chairperson of the Netanya Regional Committee.  She is the social secretary of AWIS - the english branch of the "Association for the Welfare of Israeli soldiers" and sits on the committee of the "Maon" in Netanya - a centre for people with physical disabilities.  Charlotte is also a convenor of the annual 120 Club function.

Awards were also given to our dedicated office volunteers.  Few people realize how much of the day-to-day behind the scenes office work at Telfed is actually performed by office volunteers who are a vital source of support to our staff and without whose help we could not manage our work nearly as well.

Our amazing office volunteers, some of whom are pictured below, are:
Gordon Bloch
Felicia Levin
Dave Levin
Gaby Haimovitz
Sharon Epstein
Rosaline Bak
Leon Blum
Pamela Jankelowitz
Helen Cohen
If you are interested in volunteering at Telfed please be in touch with Dana Ben Chail, our Head of Volunteerism, at the following email:

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