The Museum of Philately is an online museum, funded by David Feldman auction house, presenting the important philatelic collections in private hands. Because it is online, it allows visitors to examine award-winning collections, learn about the collectors, to zoom in on selected items, and obtain additional detail on the rarest pieces of a collection.

The museum is a wall of fame of award winning exhibitions from all over the world. The idea behind the museum, not unlike the Czech Exponet virtual exhibition, is to immmortalize award winning exhibitions, some of which may already have been sold off or broken apart.

Due to the pandemic of COVID, physical exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled, one of these being Stampex which was to be held October 1-3. David Feldman decided to do two things: Create an iOS / Android application for the Museum of Philately and add other gold / large gold exhibits to their growing museum.

As a result of Lawrence Fisher’s win at the 2019 ECTP (European Championship for Thematic Philatelists), a representative of David Feldman approached him and asked if he would allow them to have his exhibit as a part of the museum. After an interview with Lawrence and the awards the exhibit achieved, Lawrence’s exhibit became a part of the museum. Under the Israeli flag, only Lawrence’s exhibit, “The Jewish Homeland, our struggle for survival” features. In addition, Lawrence’s exhibit is the only thematic exhibit available on this platform.

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