SASI – Southern Africans Studying in Israel

Deciding where to study is a significant decision. Telfed is excited to lead a dynamic scholarship programme that encourages Southern African students to study at Israeli universities and colleges.

SASI – Southern Africans Studying in Israel – is a scholarship programme, based on financial need, for Southern African international students who wish to study in Israel in English and/or Hebrew.

SASI is a joint initiative between Telfed, The Eric and Sheila Samson Foundation (the principle funders) and leading Israeli universities and academic institutions.

SASI students are welcome to participate in a social volunteering programme that affords them a unique opportunity to experience Israel and give back to Israeli society. With a dedicated SASI coordinator and a team of staff available to provide professional advice and a supportive network, Telfed becomes a home away from home.

Over the years, Telfed has worked in close collaboration with several Israeli universities to reduce university tuition fees for international students from Southern Africa.

Telfed encourages you to explore your options for post-graduate study in English. Please see the websites of our partner institutions and other Israeli universities.

Students also have the option to apply for a preparatory Hebrew course. An advanced Hebrew level will give students access to many more degree programmes than what is currently available in English.

SASI’s social programme is available for all Southern African International Students who are studying in Israel. Previous activities have included a shabbaton in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv graffiti tour, volunteering at an animal shelter, shabbat in Tzfat, a segway tour, volunteering with Lone Soldiers, picnics and more. 

For more information about SASI, contact Alona Zamir – [email protected] / 09 790 7811

Click here for the 2024-2025 SASI brochure.

Limited places available.

Registration for academic year 2023-2024 was closed on 31 May 2023. 


You may apply to SASI if you are a Southern African citizen of Jewish lineage (according to the “Law of Return”), with a recognised matric and university exemption. Eligibility will be determined according to financial need.

All Southern African students studying in Israel as international students are invited to participate in the SASI social programme.

  • Study in English and/or Hebrew and obtain an internationally-recognised academic degree.
  • Explore Israeli culture, history, society and diversity with other Southern African international students.
  • Give back to the community and assist Olim living in Israel.
  • Expand your social network.
  • Adjust to a new environment.
  1. Apply to a university of your choice through the university’s admissions office.

  2. Apply for a SASI social volunteering programme, based on financial need, using Telfed’s online application form.

  3. Send required documentation to our SASI coordinator.

  4. A Skype interview with a SASI staff member will be scheduled after your application has been received.

  • Participate in Telfed’s annual events.
  • Community volunteering assisting Olim living in Israel on a weekly basis ( 3 hours a week for a total of 80 volunteering hours + 14 hours of training per academic year).
  • Jewish and Israeli cultural events throughout the academic year, organised by the scholarship department (an integral part of the programme including a Shabbat get-together, tours, picnics and more).

Annual scholarship of NIS 6,000 for the academic year, plus a modest cultural and travel stipend.

We have a number of partner institutions for both Bachelor and Graduate degrees.

Students who wish to study at Israeli universities not currently on the list of partner institutions may still be eligible for a SASI Scholarship and are invited to apply to SASI. We encourage you to explore your options for post-graduate study in English on the websites of our partner institutions and other Israeli universities.

Students can participate in Mechina – a one-year preparatory programme at Bar Ilan or Hebrew University and then study in Hebrew.

SASI scholarship recipients are required to take part in community volunteering throughout the academic year and participating in Telfed’s annual SASI social events, including Jewish and Israeli cultural events arranged by Telfed’s scholarship department.

Tuition fees range from +-13,000 Shekels to $15,000 per year.

Israeli universities and colleges offer scholarships based at different levels. Apply for financial aid or for a scholarship based on academic merit, directly through your university.

You may apply for the Masa grant for eligible South African students. For more information about Masa please go to and email Tanya Izaki on [email protected]

You may apply for a working visa to supplement your income. For more information visit:

Southern African students who choose to make Aliyah during the course of their studies are eligible to apply for government benefits for new Olim. In addition, you may be eligible to have all your university tuition paid for by the Israeli government (limited to the cost of tuition fees at public universities. Conditions apply).

You can apply for Mechina or TAKA Programme (pre-academic programmes that prepare you for academic studies in Hebrew).

Telfed offers two scholarship programmes for Southern African Olim. Learn more about Telfed’s PRAS and Financial Need scholarships.  


Our Partner Institutions


Interdisciplinary Centre, Herzliya (IDC)

(Tuition fees: -+$13,000 up to 50% scholarship available, based on financial need.)

Contact Stephanie Miller: [email protected], +972-9-960-2841

Technion International

(Tuition fees: -+$15,000 up to 65% scholarship available, based on financial need.)

Contact Rachel Valenta: [email protected] +972-77-887-1897

Tel Aviv University (TAU)

(Tuition fees: -+14,000 Shekels)

Contact Sharon Zelnick: [email protected], +972-3-640-7563

Jerusalem College of Technology (Lev Academic Center)

(Tuition fees: -+14,000 Shekels)

For men’s campus contact Gaby Novick: [email protected]

For women’s campus contact Bracha Berger: [email protected]

Bar Ilan University (BIU)

(Tuition fees: -+14,000 Shekels)

Contact Shira Gafni: [email protected]+972- 3-531-8128

The College of Law and Business

(Tuition fees: -+$10,000 up to 100% scholarship available, based on financial need.)

Contact Lilach Waldman Akerman: [email protected], +972-3-600-0800


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Medical School for International Health (BGU)

(Tuition fees: -+$38,000 up to 25% scholarship available, based on financial need.)

Contact Beth Chesir: [email protected]


Mechina is a one year programme that prepares students to study for a degree in Hebrew at any Israeli academic institution.

Mechina tuition fees are fully covered by MASA.

Hebrew University

Contact Fabio Redak: [email protected]+972-2-588-2605

Bar Ilan University

Contact Keren Rozmarin: [email protected]+972-3-531-8653