Operation Iron Swords: SA Fallen Soldiers

“…beloved and pleasant in their lifetime, and in their death they were not separated. They were swifter than eagles, and mightier than lions… How did the mighty fall in the midst of battle?” II Shmuel 1:23, 25 Sgt. Shoam Ben Harush Z”L Lt. Yaron Chitiz Z”L Cpt. Daniel Perez Z”L Master Sgt. Ido Aviv Z”L […]

A mother’s perspective of the War in Gaza: “Iron Swords”

Carol Goldfus “Israel has been attacked by Hamas and we are at war: there are many dead and lots of civilians and soldiers have been kidnapped”. These were the words in a WhatsApp message on the 7th October, 2023, at 10:27, that I received from my son, a soldier, who was one of the first […]

A community committed to our IDF heroes

This Purim, thanks to the generous support of our community, all South African and Australian Lone Soldiers in active duty received a meal voucher to use at their convenience. Delivering Mishloach Manot was not possible this year as most of our soldiers were unavailable but they were certainly not forgotten. The overwhelming response from you, […]

Aliyah numbers, news and updates

The past few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions in Israel as we’ve faced unprecedented tragedy and trauma, but also an outpouring of love, generosity, courage and resilience. The overwhelming sense of pride that our community felt as they saw photos of the first two South African Olot who landed at Ben Gurion in […]

Embracing SA Olim winemakers from the Western Negev

On Thurs 4 April, we had the privilege to hear the fascinating journey of South African born winemakers, Boaz and Rina Dreyer. We were inspired by their love of the land, and the story behind their award winning natural wines.  Their journey, before and after 7 October, reflects their resilience, courage and a deep love […]

Wind-ing up to the Olympic Games

By Chandrea Serebro With the world windsurfing champion title firmly under her belt, 21-year-old Sharon Kantor has turned her energies to an achievement at the Olympic Games, where she will represent Israel in Marseille in July. Born and raised in Moshav Avihayil, Sharon is an Israeli success story with its roots in the southern hemisphere. […]

Braai in appreciation of our young South African and Australian Olim

In appreciation for our brave young men and women for their service to the State of Israel and the Jewish nation, Telfed hosted a braai for over 120 South Africans and Australians who served in the IDF in any capacity since 7 October. We had the honour to partner with Yaroni’s BBQ, friends and family […]

JNF Memorial to SA Victims of Terror

On 20 February, South Africans and Israelis stood together to commemorate Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror of South African origin at the South African Memorial Forest. Telfed was represented by Chairman Maish Isaacson and CEO Dorron Kline in a moving ceremony – a partnership with the JNF SA, South African Zionist Federation, Israel Centre, […]