A leader among us

By Guy Lieberman Cherie Albucher is one of those rare politicians who stepped into the political arena less out of a need for power, and more from a deep drive to help her local community.  Born in Jo’burg and schooled at King David Victory Park, Cherie’s family made the move to leave South Africa for […]

Welcome Ruth!

On 19 April 2023, 97 year old Ruth Tarlo made Aliyah from Australia. Ruth was greeted at Ben Gurion Airport by representatives of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, together with Avraham Remini from Telfed. Ruth, a lifelong Zionist, joined her two daughters in Israel shortly before Israel’s 75th Yom Haatzmaut celebrations. We wish Ruth […]

Remembering Israel’s fallen heroes who died defending Kfar Etzion

Two young men from South Africa couldn’t be more different. But they both died together in Kfar Etzion fighting for Israel. By RICHARD SHAVEI-TZION This is a story of two young men who could not have been more different. Yechezkel (“Chatsi”) Berelowitz, born in 1918, was the eldest of six sons and two daughters. Tzvi Lipschitz, […]

We’re all cheering for the same team

By David Wiseman The crazy thing about growing up in Australia is that they play everything. From cricket to baseball and karate to kayaking. They even have four different kinds of football! So, from a young age, I developed an appreciation for all sports. After making Aliyah from Sydney in 2004, I noticed that in […]

Freemasonry Demystified

By Guy Lieberman The Masonic Order has always carried with it a sense of mystique, a quality of the clandestine. The fact that it is believed to be a secret society, and has been for hundreds of years, certainly adds to its reputation. On top of that, because so much is simply unknown about Freemasons, […]

Prime Ministers in Perspective

For former Johannesburg businessman Myron Zaidel, making Aliyah was about much more than just packing up his life and his possessions. “I wanted to create something of value, that was unique and transportable, in the international language of art,” explains Zaidel, who moved with his wife Shelley to Ir Yamim, Netanya in March 2021. After […]

My Eilat

South African Olah Fonda Dubb began writing poetry in her “third age”. Her poem ‘My Eilat’ was used for the opening of the English Day for schools in Eilat on 19 March 2023.  

75 years of the State of Israel

By Lennie Lurie Within ten years after the end of the Second World War in 1945, all the British and French colonies and mandated territories in the Middle East were granted their independence. Likewise, the British, French, Belgium and Portuguese colonies in Africa, were granted their independence by 1960. In most cases, bloody and protracted […]

South African Olah wins 3 gold medals in European Masters Swimming Championship

South African Olah, Rona Joffe, recently participated in the European Masters Swimming Championship in Rome. Rona, the only ex-South African on the Israeli team, achieved great success winning 3 gold medals, a silver and a bronze. “It was a great honour for me. I am hoping that there are other South Africans who would like […]

Alfred Zinn: From Lone Soldier to published author

The illustrated Black Book about the atrocities perpetrated by the Germans lay on the ornate table in our living room as if put there on purpose for everyone to see. But I never heard a word from my father about how he felt regarding the death of both his parents and beautiful young sister of […]