Embracing SA Olim winemakers from the Western Negev

On Thurs 4 April, we had the privilege to hear the fascinating journey of South African born winemakers, Boaz and Rina Dreyer. We were inspired by their love of the land, and the story behind their award winning natural wines.  Their journey, before and after 7 October, reflects their resilience, courage and a deep love […]

Wind-ing up to the Olympic Games

By Chandrea Serebro With the world windsurfing champion title firmly under her belt, 21-year-old Sharon Kantor has turned her energies to an achievement at the Olympic Games, where she will represent Israel in Marseille in July. Born and raised in Moshav Avihayil, Sharon is an Israeli success story with its roots in the southern hemisphere. […]

A Tale of Two Brothers: The Different Faces of Heroism

By Liel Katz They knew they were in trouble when the rocket fire hadn’t stopped after 10 minutes. Would the Iron Dome have the capacity to continue warding off rockets? There was no sign that the attack was letting up. For Keith and Brett Isaacson, and the rest of the Gaza envelope communities, this was […]

Catering for the Country’s Needs

By Richard Shavei-Tzion Immediately after the war began, two veteran South African Olim, Debbie Sandler and Herbie Jackson, sprang into action. Living on Kibbutz Ein Tsurim and knowing that just 15 minutes away a large-scale roadblock had been established at the entrance to Sderot, they delivered pots of soup to the policemen manning the station. […]

Jacky Romano: A Formidable Spirit

Stepping Up: Stories of Hope from Israel’s Civilian Frontlines part III Jacky Romano met the love of her life fresh out of school. Straight after matriculating, she joined her Habonim chevra on a gap-year program in Israel, living and working on a Kibbutz. Here she met Avram, an Egyptian Jew who, smuggled out of his […]

Gila Nussbaum: A Force of Nature

Stepping Up: Stories of Hope from Israel’s Civilian Frontlines part II For many South African Olim this war marks the first time they have been called to civilian duty. But for one South African Olah, life at the civilian frontline is all too familiar. In fact, it is quite like home.  Gila Nussbaum is a […]

Eli and Kayla: Thunder and Lightning

Stepping Up: Stories of Hope from Israel’s Civilian Frontlines – part I It was 6:30 a.m. on October 7th when the wail of sirens pierced the early morning calm of the Simchat Torah morning. Israel was caught completely unaware as Hamas terrorists, committing atrocities unimagined by anyone, dragged us into a war we were not […]

Embracing and Unifying Israel’s Blue and White

By Debbie Mankowitz – written under the auspices of the Israel Forever Foundation* Blue and white are historically associated with Jewish traditions, and the traditional Jewish prayer shawl, known as the tallit, is typically white with blue stripes or fringes (tzitzit). These fringes were G-d’s way of giving the people of Israel a tangible reminder […]

A leader among us

By Guy Lieberman Cherie Albucher is one of those rare politicians who stepped into the political arena less out of a need for power, and more from a deep drive to help her local community.  Born in Jo’burg and schooled at King David Victory Park, Cherie’s family made the move to leave South Africa for […]