Operation Iron Swords: SA Fallen Soldiers

“…beloved and pleasant in their lifetime, and in their death they were not separated. They were swifter than eagles, and mightier than lions… How did the mighty fall in the midst of battle?” II Shmuel 1:23, 25 Sgt. Shoam Ben Harush Z”L Lt. Yaron Chitiz Z”L Cpt. Daniel Perez Z”L Master Sgt. Ido Aviv Z”L […]

In memory of Itz Kalmonowitz Z”L

The year 2023 has not been kind to the Rogow-Kalmanowitz families. Just nine months ago, tragically and prematurely, we lost our Brother and uncle, Stan. Itz’s affliction started with an inexplicable light stutter which grew into full blown aphasia and ultimately his passing a few short months ago. Now, as though our personal grief was […]

South African Victims of Terror

Marcel Z”L was murdered on Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, on her way to visit her son in law and grandchildren, while her daughter was in hospital following the birth of a baby girl, Asif. Read more from the SAJR here. Saar Z”L was murdered on Kibbutz Kissufim. He will be remembered as a true hero, who […]

In memory of Issy Miller Z”L

Issy was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 75 years go. His parents were from Remegolla, Lithuania, and in 1937/1938 emigrated to what was Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Issy was tremendously proud of his father’s achievements, and he always worked hard to emulate them. He studied accounting at Wits University in Johannesburg, and after qualifying returned to Bulawayo […]

In memory of Myra Simon Z”L

Myra (Miriam) Simon was born on the 17th of June, 1927 to Eva (ne Berkovici) and Philip Weinberg, in Durban, South Africa. Myra was born in between her two brothers, Norman (1923) and Mark (1931). At the age of six, Myra lost her father Philip, a successful life insurance broker, who perished in a passenger […]

In memory of Meg Stoch Z”L (Meyrah bat Shmaryahu Yehuda)

31 August 1929 – 4 April 2023 Our beloved mother, grandmother and great grand-mother, Meg, was born in Doorfontein, Johannesburg, S.A. and spent her happy childhood years with 3 sisters and a brother in Belgravia and then Greenside, Johannesburg. Mom grew up in a traditional Lithuanian, passionately Zionistic home, observing closely as her mother volunteered […]

In memory of Les Stoch Z”L

Les Stoch was born in C.T. Nov 1925, to Barney and Minnie Stoch. The family lived in Kalbaskraal, which is between C.T and Malmesbury. He left for High School and University in C.T. where he graduated as a  Land Surveyor, later known as  Geodesy. Les joined Habonim Hachshara and made Aliyah with the garin in […]

In memory of Joe Woolf Z”L

18 April 1928 – 28 February 2023 Moshav Ilaniya, Lower Galilee, Israel Joe, our father, was born in Lithuania in 1928. As a child, his family fled Lithuania due to poverty and antisemitism. They arrived in South Africa in 1930. Those who managed to leave survived, those that did not leave were murdered by the […]

In memory of Sharon Sack Z”L

My mom was an exceptional woman in so many ways – could socialise and talk to anyone and everyone could talk to her, she was a natural problem solver and always there for you no matter what. She gave 27 years working for the JNF and contributed to So much of the fundraising  for trees […]