Champion for all women

Cutting-edge Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr. Hayley Jacobson brought her innovative approach and dedication to all women to the wards of the Laniado Hospital By Chandrea Serebro Treating patients from all walks of life from puberty to menopause and everything in between, Dr. Hayley Jacobson, with her cutting-edge approach, is a champion for all women. And […]

Living life to the fullest

Chaya Lederman moved to Israel to live her best life – and, as an occupational therapist (OT) is helping others do this too By Chandrea Serebro Meet Chaya Lederman, an occupational therapist whose mission is to help people live life to the fullest and achieve independence in their daily activities. Born in Sydney, Australia, Chaya’s […]

Medicine Man

Moving his medicine from the gilded halls of Johannesburg to the bustling Bnei Brak, Dr. Jonathan Klotnick’s brand of practicing medicine is universal. By Chandrea Serebro For Dr. Jonathan Klotnick, medicine isn’t a mere profession—it’s a calling to contribute to the collective well-being of societies and the world. And if one sees it like this, […]

Wellness Upgrade: A Journey of Transformation

Justine Friedman is a Clinical Dietician and Mindset Mentor who can coach anyone on perseverance. By Chandrea Serebro Although they say that nothing about Israel is simple, for registered Clinical Dietician and ‘Mindset Mentor’, Justine Friedman, simplicity is everything. She strives to offer her clients straightforward tools that lead to lasting change, making it easy […]

Practicing your passion on any shore

For Dr Dean Lutrin, converting his medical degree turned out to be smooth sailing By: Chandrea Serebro For distinguished general and colorectal surgeon Dr Dean Lutrin, surgery isn’t merely a profession – it’s a symphony of science, technical skill, teamwork, and of course, compassion. So, when making Aliyah in 2021, turning a lifelong dream of […]

The personal touch

With family doctors at the epicentre of the medical system in Israel, being able to find common ground with patients has been critical for Dr. Joanne Abrams in Israel. By Chandrea Serebro For over two decades, Dr. Joanne Abrams operated her own GP practice in Johannesburg, deeply connected to her community. Two years ago, she […]

Life with New Eyes

Returning citizen Sharon Taviv-Klass practices optometry with a whole new approach as she navigates the Israeli way of being By Chandrea Serebro Returning to her birthplace, Israeli-born Optometrist Sharon Taviv-Klass was given new eyes when she made Aliyah as a ‘returning citizen’ in 2021, seeking a brighter future for herself and her children. Born in […]

Employment Counseling

  Our goal as career counsellors at Telfed, is to help you acquire the necessary tools and understanding of the Israeli job market by: Helping you understand the recruitment process Working with you to adjust your CV so that it meets the needs of the Israeli job market Advising you on how to get accreditation […]

Interview dress code

Congratulations! You have a job interview!  I am sure you’ve researched the company thoroughly (using LinkedIn, Glassdoor, the Company website etc.), and you have written and rehearsed your answers to dozens of interview questions.  Now all you need to know is what to wear. While the dress code in Israel’s workplace is far more relaxed than in […]

Resume Writing for the Israeli Job Market

The following is a Template to assist you with adapting your CV to Israeli requirements: Most Israelis will tell you, you MUST keep your CV to one page, a feat which is rendered difficult by English being “riddled” with vowels, making it 30% longer than Hebrew.  Keep in mind that, while not to be taken […]