Telfed Employment Webinar

  Ten tips for an effective job search in Israel: Learn Hebrew Decide on the job you are looking for – don’t say “I’ll do anything”, that is probably not entirely true and doesn’t help you focus on your goal. Set your goal, create a strategy Not sure / thinking of making a change? Make […]

Using CAR to answer behavioural interview questions

  The golden rule when you’re answering behavioural interview questions is to follow what’s known as ‘CAR’: Context, Action, Result. Context is about describing a situation and setting the scene for a relevant example from your past. The key here is to choose your example well – one that clearly demonstrates the quality or skill the […]

How to Use the STAR Interview Response Technique

  The STAR interview response technique provides a simple framework that helps you tell a meaningful story about a previous work experience, It is a way of answering behavioral interview questions – questions about how you have behaved in the past. Specifically, they are about how you have handled certain work situations. Employers using this […]