Wind-ing up to the Olympic Games

By Chandrea Serebro With the world windsurfing champion title firmly under her belt, 21-year-old Sharon Kantor has turned her energies to an achievement at the Olympic Games, where she will represent Israel in Marseille in July. Born and raised in Moshav Avihayil, Sharon is an Israeli success story with its roots in the southern hemisphere. […]

Braai in appreciation of our young South African and Australian Olim

In appreciation for our brave young men and women for their service to the State of Israel and the Jewish nation, Telfed hosted a braai for over 120 South Africans and Australians who served in the IDF in any capacity since 7 October. We had the honour to partner with Yaroni’s BBQ, friends and family […]

Celebrating Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve had the privilege to recognise remarkable women in our community. In early March, the week leading up to International Women’s Day, Telfed Chairman Maish Isaacson delivered care packages to displaced Olot. Maish met with a number of women from Kfar Aza, Nir Oz and Reim, whose resilience and […]

Beanies for battalions

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address By  Inna Zaitseva Over the course of thousands of years of history, our people have shown courage and fearlessness in all wars. Clearly, overcoming wartime fears is fundamental to our identity. For over […]

We bear witness: Telfed leadership visits the Gaza Envelope

Last week, a Telfed delegation visited the Gaza Envelope where they met with residents, local security and Olim from communities directly affected by the attacks on 7 October. Telfed Vice Chairman, Debbie Dash shared her thoughts: Together with Telfed Chairman Maish Isaacson, CEO Dorron Kline, COO Nava Lapid and members of the Directorate, I embarked […]

In memory of Itz Kalmonowitz Z”L

The year 2023 has not been kind to the Rogow-Kalmanowitz families. Just nine months ago, tragically and prematurely, we lost our Brother and uncle, Stan. Itz’s affliction started with an inexplicable light stutter which grew into full blown aphasia and ultimately his passing a few short months ago. Now, as though our personal grief was […]

Life with New Eyes

Returning citizen Sharon Taviv-Klass practices optometry with a whole new approach as she navigates the Israeli way of being By Chandrea Serebro Returning to her birthplace, Israeli-born Optometrist Sharon Taviv-Klass was given new eyes when she made Aliyah as a ‘returning citizen’ in 2021, seeking a brighter future for herself and her children. Born in […]

Hospital care packages for wounded soldiers

Last week, Telfed volunteer and Directorate member Allan Feinblum approached Telfed with a request from Advocate Shmuel Brettler. Shmuel had been in touch with hospitals in the South, treating wounded soldiers, and understood the urgent need for a change of clothing for wounded soldiers as they arrive from the battlefield. Shmuel received a “wish list” […]