Coping with Our National Crisis – October 2023

In light of the current events in Israel, Telfed held a zoom session on 9 October 2023 entitled “Coping with Out National Crisis – Helping Yourself and Your Loved Ones”. The session was hosted by Telfed’s social worker Ariela Siegel and featured three psychologists, each speaking about a different aspect of coping with the crisis. The session was opened with a greeting from Telfed CEO Dorron Kline.

Click here to view the full 1-hour session recording on YouTube  


Clips from the Zoom Session

Educational psychologist Irra Harari Friedman (054-581-777) speaks about how to talk to kids & kindergarten kids about the situation, and the risks of exposure to media. (19 minutes)

Couples and family psychotherapist Liza Kramer (054-620-6269) talks about ways to help kids and adults if they begin to panic, and Emotional First Aid. (17 minutes)
Resource: EmotionAid 5 Steps Infographic (also available as PDF)


Educational psychologist Diana Finzi (052-842-1181) speaks about how to cope, focusing on the adults and older children. (12 minutes)

Additional Resources

Telfed’s Social Worker

Ariela Siegel – 09-7907821 / [email protected]


Emotional Assistance Hotline

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration operates an emotional assistance hotline in conjunction with the ERAN association.

New!! Mental Health Service that provides Professional Emotional Help to Olim and returning residents. If you or someone you know, feel overwhelmed, lost or lonely, come talk to us, in your own language.
The service is anonymous and free of charge!
Active on Sunday – Thursday between 16:00-21:00.
You are not alone, we are here for you. Talk to us.

Call *3201 or Click below to Chat and more details >>


Emergency Hotlines & Suicide Hotline

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or a medical emergency call the suicide hotline or emergency medical services (EMS).  

Suicide hotline: 1201 (Dial 10 for English speaking agents) 

EMS (MADA): 101    

United Hatzolah: 1221


Free Emotional Support from Kupat Holim

Free 3 phone sessions (45 min.) with a Psychologist via Kupat Holim.
No referral/payment needed.

Maccabi – *3028 menu in English (Telem)

Clalit – *2708 menu in Hebrew. Press your ID number and #.

Leumit – 02-6335209 (Amcha) menu in Hebrew

Meuchedet – *3833 general menu, press 3 for English.


Ministry of Welfare

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs – Information center and assistance: 118

Website / Additional phone numbers: 077-9208560 / 02-6752518



NATAL is an apolitical nonprofit organization that specializes in the field of war and terror related trauma.

NATAL’s Helpline: 1-800-363-363