Telfed remained fully operational throughout the Corona-crisis, with regular activities and programmes adjusted to meet the needs of the community. We would like to express our gratitude to those who volunteered and to those who contributed to our COVID-19 appeal. An emergency situation necessitated an immediate response, one that we were able to provide. We continue to follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, and encourage our community to stay informed of the regulations.

Our social worker has dealt with an unprecedented number of requests for emotional and financial support, as a result of the isolation and forced unpaid leave. These requests included counselling, contact with local welfare services, ensuring the elderly received food and medication, and mediating with banks, municipalities or legal services on behalf of Olim. With many Olim on forced unpaid leave, requests for assistance to cover basic needs – i.e. food and rent – were handled by a Telfed emergency situation assistance committee.

Our Employment Department initially shifted their focus to assist our community members with their applications for unemployment insurance from Bituach Leumi (National Insurance). In partnership with our wonderful volunteers, a number of Olim were able to apply for their government grant in spite of limited Hebrew skills. A series of webinars was offered, which focused on employment during the crisis was offered. In addition, our employment advisor shared resources for job-seekers – ranging from free online courses to information on companies that were still hiring at the peak of the lock down.

Thanks to our network of regional volunteers, new Olim who arrived during quarantine received invaluable supportive and a warm welcome. Our PRAS Scholarship students who were unable to perform their community service hours with their clients (especially the elderly), delivered welcome packages to new Olim before Pesach. The students understood that young families were struggling with the adjustment and created an online “CoronaCamp” before the Pesach holidays, with activities in both English and Hebrew. In May, our events department moved to an online platform and introduced a series of virtual events ranging from motivational speakers to guided tours. Thus, Olim who are considered high-risk, are still able to participate in community events.

If you are arriving in Israel and going into quarantine, please click here to let us know if you need assistance.

If you would like to volunteer to assist new arrivals in your community who are in quarantine, please click here.

As Israel’s lock down lifts and regular services resume, Telfed will continue to operate in accordance with government directives and our staff remain at your disposal.