Hidden heroes, ordinary people doing extraordinary things, make a positive impact on society through their consistent, helpful actions done with humility and grace. We want to give them the spotlight they don’t seek but certainly deserve.

Telfed is launching our Hidden Hero Award to recognise Israeli citizens who have made a significant contribution to assist South African, Southern African and/or Australian Olim.

Moving to a new country can be challenging, and new Olim may face various hurdles throughout the journey. We often hear from our Olim about the kindness shown to them by those who have gone above and beyond to assist, support and guide them. Their humble actions have made an indelible impression, a reminder that this is where we belong, in our Jewish homeland.

The Telfed Hidden Hero Award winner will be honoured for his/her time, dedication and passion for assisting Olim, whether new or veteran. We would love for you to nominate your Hidden Hero and tell us how they helped you during your Aliyah journey.

To nominate your Hidden Hero, click here

For more information on eligibility and criteria, click here.