Due to the high volume of requests for information related to Covid-19 and vaccine eligibility, please note:

For those residing in Israel, questions relating to Covid-19 testing stations, test results, current restrictions and regulations, as well as the Covid-19 vaccination, can only be answered by the relevant authorities.

For more information please contact Misrad Habriut (Ministry of Health) or your Kupat Cholim (details below).

We recommend that those living abroad contact the Israeli Embassy for information. We have received requests from Israeli citizens wishing to return to Israel for the vaccination. In addition to consulting with the Embassy, please contact Bituach Leumi. For relevant information from Bituach Leumi, click here.

If you missed our panel discussion on the Covid-19 vaccination in Israel, click here.

Join us on 17 January for a virtual lecture with Professor Manfred Green (Head of School of Public Health, Haifa University) on the subject ‘Now that we have effective vaccines, can we eradicate or eliminate COVID-19, locally or globally?’  For event information and registration, click here.

Misrad Habriut Hotline – *5400 / 08-6241010

Misrad Habriut Website (English)https://govextra.gov.il/ministry-of-health/corona/corona-virus-en/

Kupat Cholim:





Please make note of the guidelines for the upcoming lockdown (seger), as published on the Home Front Command website (in English):


Guidelines for the closure period, starting Friday, 8.1.2021;

The Government has confirmed that from Friday, 8.1.2021, at midnight, a general closure will be imposed for two weeks, under which the following restrictions will apply:
Leaving the house – it is possible to leave the house for a distance of up to 1,000 meters and in the area of ​​the locality of residence only, except for essential cases, corona tests and vaccinations.
Restriction on stay – Do not stay in another person’s home.
Study frameworks – There will be no studies in educational institutions, except for special education, frameworks for at-risk youth for additional frameworks that have been allowed to operate.
Trade, entertainment and leisure – businesses closed to the public, except for essential businesses. Shipments can be made.
Workplaces – Only essential workplaces will be allowed to operate. It is forbidden to bring employees to a workplace where no activity is allowed.
Prayers and gatherings – can be held with a limit of up to 5 people in a building and up to 10 people in an open area.
Sports activities for individuals – allowed, without distance from home. Do not use vehicles for this purpose.
Flight abroad – will only be possible in the following cases: If the flight ticket was purchased before Friday, 8.1.2021 Thursday, 7.1.2021, or the flight is for one of the purposes allowed for leaving the house, or with the approval of the Director General of the Ministry of Transportation.
For updated guidelines and new restrictions