Animator, Kfar Saba (March 2024)

Scope of position and background info:

Economic Rhapsody is currently hiring an Animator to collaborate on creating a unique cartoon style for their explainer videos. Inspired by the clean lines and humor of Oversimplified, the Animator will contribute to establishing a memorable aesthetic with limited color palettes and flat illustrations while injecting the company’s own brand identity.


  1. Graphic Asset Creation: Develop character designs, background elements, and other visual assets that establish the brand’s look and feel.
  2. Ongoing Video Production: Produce at least 4 videos per month, totaling 75-100 monthly video minutes.

– The Animator will be provided with voiceover scripts, sound effects, music, and notes for each video and will be responsible for bringing them to life through engaging animation.


– Ability to deliver high-quality animation that aligns with the vision of Economic Rhapsody.

– Confidence in achieving a level of animation quality similar to Oversimplified on YouTube.

– Passion and enthusiasm for the project.

Contact details:

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