Cook / Chef, Jerusalem (January 2024)

A Gap Year program requires cooks / chefs to prepare meals on a daily basis

Hours – Full time position Sunday – Thursday and 2 hours on a Friday

Salary – Between 8000 and 12000 depending on experience and skill level

key functions / job roles

  • Plan menu
  • Order from suppliers
  • Ensure all invoices received correctly and liaise with suppliers to ensure all is correct
  • Cook all meals – Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner
  • Monitor leftovers and re use food where possible
  • Clean fridge daily – they need to be orderly and all perishables packed away properly and labelled
  • Keep stock orderly & do stocktakes
  • Keep kitchen clean
  • Ensure all surfaces are wiped / cleaned after use
  • Ensure cupboards are clean and orderly
  • Keep appliances clean
  • Ability to make desserts
  • Ability to make a variety of food and be creative
  • Ensure kitchen is maintained and clean
  • Assist with all deliveries – fruit , food and vegetables
  • Ensure sauces / salad dressings made
  • Ensure all food is labelled
  • Repack freezers regularly
  • Monitor breakfast / lunch / dinner daily
  • Ensure sufficient food for all meals
  • Ensure dietary requirements are taken care of

Please send CV to: [email protected]