Laboratory Worker, Rishon LeZion (April 2024)

Maccabi Healthcare Services is hiring a Laboratory Worker for sample collection (including blood draws) from its members, emphasizing professionalism, efficiency, service, and sensitivity.


  • Collecting samples from patients, preparing samples for testing, and sending them to the national laboratory for further analysis.
  • Handling the administrative aspect of test documentation and typing in test results from hospital laboratories.
  • Exercising judgment regarding abnormal results.
  • Working with innovative equipment.
  • Operating hours: Sunday to Saturday.

Position Scope: 60% position (24 hours weekly).

Location: Rothschild 15, Rishon LeZion.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as Medical Laboratory Science, Health Systems Management, Chemistry, Biology, or Biotechnology is mandatory.
  • Recognition as a medical laboratory professional by the Ministry of Health is required.
  • A certificate in blood drawing from the Ministry of Health is an advantage.
  • According to the Ministry of Health’s regulations, a medical examination at an occupational clinic and completion of vaccinations as per the healthcare workers’ vaccination program are required.
  • Please include job number 2748 when submitting your CV.

Application: Send your CV to [email protected] with the job number included.