Pras Team (L-R): Yariv, Niv, Rachel, Simone, Amit, Shira, Omry, Rebecca (SASI) & Sara

Shira Krupta is 24 years old, lives in Ra’anana and is studying biomedical engineering at Tel Aviv University. This is Shira’s first year as a Pras coordinator. Last year Shira volunteered with an Oleh family and with an elderly lady as part of the Pras program.

Yariv Atsmony is 30 years old, lives in Jerusalem and is studying medicine at Hebrew University. As a Pras student, Yariv volunteered with an Oleh family, helping them with their Klita process in Israel. Yariv has worked with children, both in the special needs field and as a guide in an after school programme for refugee children. This is Yariv’s 3rd year as the Sharon region coordinator.

Niv Ilany is 27 years old, lives in Jerusalem and is a 3rd year medical student at Tel-Aviv University. She is 3rd generation South-African. Before becoming a coordinator,  Niv volunteered with an adult Olim Couple from South Africa. Niv was an important support for them and assisted them with Hebrew. This is her 1st year as the Jerusalem region coordinator.

Rachel Brink is 25 years old, and is a second year student at Tel Aviv University where she is studying Sociology, Anthropology and Labor Studies. In 2011, Rachel made Aliyah from South africa with her family. Last year, she volunteered with two young young Olot girls. She has years of experience working with Olim in the army and through the ‘Board of Education’. This is her first year as the South region coordinator in the Pras program.

Omry Markovich is 32 years old and a 2nd year student in physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University. He was born in Israel and grew up in Ariel. Before becoming a coordinator, Omry volunteered with a 9 year old boy who had made Aliyah with his family from South Africa. This will be his 2nd year as the North Region Coordinator.

Sara Levy is 26 years old, she is a student at IDC Herzliya, studying Psychology and Business management. Last year, Sara volunteered with a young Olah child, helping her with her Hebrew and adapting to life in Israel. In addition, she volunteered with a woman with Alzheimers. In the past, Sara was a youth group counselor and later, a youth groups manager. This is her first year as a Pras coordinator.